Friday, March 18, 2011

West Kraven: Universe Horror Nites (1998)

Another dope Masters Of The Universe release from 1998, "Universe Horror Nights" by West Kraven. Guest appearances by Orko, Averb and Odessa Kane (known as Matrix at the time). (The original cover art is different from the reissue shown above)

1. X-Files Intro
2. 7646 (w/ Orko & Averb)
3. My Belove-It Kore
4. So Lame At Tha Kraft (w/ Matrix)
5. My Brothers Blood
6. Put It Down Tight
7. X-Files Outtro

password: orko


  1. thank you for this! i had a copy as well but there was no tracklist and some of the tracks cut out. much appreciated!

  2. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    it's great!!!!!!
    Thank you for tracklist

  3. Thanks alot!!!!

    Do you possibly have Eclipse "Bennie Herron - Churches And Liquor Stores" or Seed n Soil?

    it would be awesome

  4. oh man, i wish we did. a lot of other MOTU-tapes that are after too. thanks.

  5. Oh well, no harm in trying, right?

    Perhaps you have West Kraven´s Income EP?

    here is Kraven´s Bandcamp site, where he put some dope instrumental albums for free

  6. I have the "Churches And Liquor Stores" CD, and Income EP. I'll probably upload them soon.
    It seems this Westt Kraven you mentioned is not the same West Kraven from Masters Of The Universe. Here's the original West Kraven's Myspace:

  7. my bad, man

    If I would have listened to any of the bandcamp albums, I would have surely noticed... I´m still busy devouring all the Shamen you guys posted

    ohhh man, can´t wait for that "Churches And Liquor Stores"



  8. What ever happened to Riddles aka Enigmatic? He was the one who produced My Brothers Blood & Put It Down Tight. He also produced Eclipse "Bennie Herron - Seed n Soil and Masters of The Universe-Neurosymphony in C Minor. He was a sick SD producer.

  9. My version of this only has 6 tracks. Could someone please reup this one?