Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Shamen 12 : Hall Of Fame, Fortune & Death

Now here's a treat for all Masters Of The Universe fans... a rare album by Shamen 12 (aka Atom12) from around 1998-2000(?). I believe this was available on cd-r but I've never seen it anywhere.. mp3 ripped from a cassette dub (thanks again to my homie Simo).

download link

password: orko


  1. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    it's great!!!!!!

  2. Have you got:
    "Shamen 12 - Master Piece Theatre"?????

  3. can't get enough of this tape. one of the best underground tapes ever.

  4. ..found this shit in the bay area around 2002ish.. yeah one of the best underground tapes ever.. found another one with a cover.2005ish. both on cdr and it had one more track.. finally hooked up with the dude in 2009ish.. but this shit got burned hard out here

  5. Found this cd in Berkeley in 2000, maybe 2001... I talked to Shamen years later (he now goes by Delon Deville) and found out that he no longer had it, and emailed it to him. A true classic!

  6. wow...talk about rare, this is it! huge thanks goes out to Simo and KaliYuga!!!! damn this shit is RARE!