Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Radio: Moonlit

Played another show alone with no guest.
It was good though. Started out with cassettes, moved on to some vinyl and then some cd's and mp3's. Three songs by Neila included, two from her first two solo tapes and then one track off of her latest LP "Only this one counts" that came out just now (much love to Neila from all the Finns, get well soon!). Then some classic shit in there too, and some rare shit and whatnot.. good stuff! hope y'all enjoy!

1. Circus, Awol One & Hedgehog - Everyday [Imprints]
2. Extra Pro - When You Hoes... (Remix) [Snuper]
3. Moka Only - Feels Good Now [Mammal Music]
4. Yard Massive - What U Hear [LifestylesOfACaliMC]
5. Maleko - Green Vines [Biofidelic]
6. Doseone - As For Bias [Funksion]
7. Kefing, Sapient, Def Juice - Palm Reading [Agriculuture]
8. Kram Neves - Homey No More [INRPOL Recordings]
9. Plado - Michelle [No Exit Records]
10. Moving Objects - Symphony Of The Silhouettes [Emmoworks]
11. Narcoleptic Symposium - Polyphonic feat the "L" of IND [Light Sleepers]
12. Neila - Every Which Way f/ Buzz One
13. Neila - Fear (?) [Highground]
14. Neila - Run Closer [NEILA]
15. Subtitle - Boys Don't Cry 2K [Biofidelic]
16. McEnroe - Same Old Faces f/ John Smith [Peanuts & Corn]
17. Mystery's Extinction - Cleo
18. Murs - The Jerry McGuire Song [Veritech]
19. Elusive - How Could I Ever? f/ Asop [Elusive]
20. Awol One- Earthlings
21. The Nonce - From The Ground Up [Wild West]
22. Sach - For The Love Of Hip Hop f/ Medusa [Mary Joe]
23. Homeliss Derilex - Story
24. Dreas (aka Andres from Milpitas) - Beat #6
25. Digable Planets - 9th Wonder (Kaliyuga Pro Remix)
26. Puzoozoo Watt - Onomatopeia Anthem (Our Beat)
27. Dysfunkshunal Familee -Don't Ever Try To Play Me
28. Flave - You Me Curbside [mp3]
29. Kennuf Akbar - Life Could Be So Simple f/ Hamzah & M. Yoda
30. Domo Genesis - Clear Eyes [mp3]
31. Tommy Wright III - Suicide
32. Manson Family - 2 Much

pass: ghettostyles

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