Monday, January 24, 2011

Radio: Plankton & Iwere

I was thinking what would be the best DJ-line-up for this show, and without any hesitation I thought of this couple. They are THE legends. THE grandmasters. Atleast in my opinion.
I was there just to watch aside and host some.
Iwere has been on this show a bunch of times before (and he always has lots of stuff to play that I ain't never heard of) but Plankton has only been here once before. 2 hours just ain't enough to listen to these guys play.

Plankton's selection:
1. Kankick - To The Ghetto (Style)
2. Medusa w/ Abstract Rude & Alien Nation - Top Secret [SIN]
3. Nommo Collective - Ain't Ready [Edmonds Enterprizes]
4. Orko w/ Sumach - Mouth Of Maddness [Addictive Sounds Rec]
5. Retnia w/ Orko - Life Line [B. Kinfolk Music]
6. West Kraven w/ Matrix - So Lame At The Kraft [Darkside Records]
7. Awol One w/ Ex2, OMD & Danu - Demo Killa [Awol One]
8. Emanon - ?

Iwere's selection:
9. Sun Araw w/ Matthewdavid - Live At Sun Ark Aug 7 2010 excerpt [Leaving Records]
10. Build An Ark - Always There (Nobody Remix feat Sach) [Plug Research]
11. Bored Stiff - JoJo's Song [Hella Records]
12. Culture Identity - JoJo's Song [SFSM]
13. Bored Stiff - The Soil [Hella Records]
14. Digital Underground - Wussup Wit The Luv [Tommy Boy]
15. Blaque Spurm f/ FYNE - Splendid [Contract]
16. LMNO - Thankster Boogie [Up Above]

Plankton & Iwere B2B:
17. Sidus Idiom - Moments To Ruin
18. Gengis Khan - Super Man [Masters Of The Universe]
19. Nomatik Mind Travlers w/ Joe Dub - Up In The Air
20. Maleko, Spaceranger, Mr Mad & Raj - Dismantled [Biofidelic]
21. Kankick - Outer Nard [Fat Beats]
22. Eagle Nebula - Street Shrine [Epistrophik Peach So]
23. Young Joseph w/ Abstract Rude - Life And Trials Of An MC [High Ground]
24. Aceyalone & Abstract Rude - Keep It True [Capitol]
25. ? (Eclipse 427) - ?
26. NoCanDo - America's Idol [Hellfyre Club]
27. Rakim & Mobb Deep - Hoodlum (Adlib Remix)
28. J-Bizness feat LMNO & Jon T - Looking Glass
29. Playa Fly - Just Awaken Shaken
30. Playa Fly - Crownin' Me [Super Sigg Records]

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  1. in the words of blaque spurm, splendid!