Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Kram Neves "Bizarro Theory"

I was supposed to rip this myself but then I found it on Records Are Forever blog.

This one's very tight! Kram Neves's debut tape from 1997 "Bizzarro Theory".
Kram Neves is also known as Mark7 tho not the guy from Jurrassic 5.

A1 - Change Is Gonna Come
A2 - Emcees Crumble (feat. Zen)
A3 - Am What I Am
A4 - I'm The... (feat. Fletch The Praymantis)
A5 - Set Out In The Dark
B1 - Bizarro's Revenge
B2 - Homey No More
B3 - Cluez
B4 - D.E.F.E.C.T.
B5 - Side Show Strugglas (feat. Droop)
B6 - Bizar World

Link at Records Are Forever.

Here's also a music video of one of the songs on this tape:

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  1. This is my old best friend and i am a member of his graffiti crew i started hanging out with him in 96 at project blowed...great tape to have!!!