Monday, December 26, 2011

Radio (Xmas day)

Show from xmas-day, me & Iwere.
I played mostly new music. I said I'd add links to all free tracks and albums we played, but I now realized that it's too much of an effort. Go googling!

Next show from the new studio next year.
Our showtime changes to Tuesday late-nights, 22-24:00 o'clock!

Merry xmas and happy new year to all ghettostylefellows!

1. Young Breh - Weed 4 Xmas
2. Gvcci Hvcci - Blowin-Up
3. Key Nyata - Svtvrdvy Chxxfvh
4. Key Nyata - Gotta Get $
5. ASAP Rocky - Peso
6. Main Attraktionz - Bossalinis & Fooliyones Pt. 2 [AHYVE]
7. MondreM.A.N. - Surprise [Marlee B]
8. Stash Marina - Drunk In The Driver Seat (f. Don D, Rod Fuego & Left Leberra) [Stash&Milds]
9. Jimmy Astro - Fast Food & Apple Juice [Leftover]
10. Nacho Picasso - Sweaters
11. IMC Beat Dept - Stole My Christmas
12. Scotty Hard - Who Said (Prince Paul Remix) [WordSound]
13. Society - What Is A Man? [Luke]
14. Big Arch - Coming Of Age [YOLO]
15. Millenium - How Far Will You Go [House Of Abdul]
16. Rise & Shine - Mirror Image
17. Rob-O - If I Died [St. Nick. Ent]
18. Bedouins - When Did I Die
19. Barry Bones feat Zest The Smoker - Lordz [Isolated Wax]
20. Opski Chan - Keyser Soze [The Lamb Collector]
21. Opski Chan - No Hobo f. D-Styles (Mr. Aeks RMX)
22. Mr Aeks - A. Game f/ Matt Gamin, Dem One & C-Ali [Mister Aeks]
23. Antwon - 555-Weed (demo)
24. The Gooch - Revolution [Acheeka Tribe]
25. Nadasdi & Ceebrolistics - Knowledge Is Infinite [Outofthebluecrew]
26. Nadasdi, Rodan, Kairos & Prosperous - Airborne Inspiration [Outofthebluecrew]
27. Ameba - Toivo [Montako Puuta On Metsä]
28. Justice Leeg - Catch Me [Secret Service]
29. Vida Killz - The Truth []
30. Blame One - The Essence [DJ Shag]
31. Blu & Gonjasufi - Eatfish
32. Atmosphere - God's Bathroom Floor [Rhymesayers]
33. Omni feat Fatlip - Feel What I Feel [Ariel]
34. Lil B - Unchain Me []
35. Outkast - Player's Ball [LaFace]

Download (4shared)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Jizzm: Archives - Rarities & Remixes (1999) (cassette version)

Jizzm "Archives (Rarities & Remixes)" original cassette version with exclusive tracks that were left out of the cd-version. Full tracklist here.

password: ghettostyles

Jizzm: Archives (2000) (CD version)

Jizzm "Archives" cd, with bonus tracks that weren't on the original cassette version. Full tracklist here.

password: ghettostyles

Jizzm: Illasophic Volume 1.5 (1998) (CD version)

Jizzm "Illasophic Volume 1.5" CD, with exclusive bonus tracks that didn't appear on the cassette version. Full tracklist here.


Jizzm: Illasophic Vol. 1 (1998) (cassette version)

Jizzm - Illasophic Records Vol. 1 ("Never To Be Released pt. II"), original cassette version with exclusive tracks that were not included on the cd-version. Full tracklist here.

password: ghettostyles

Friday, December 16, 2011

Jizzm: Don't Even Trip (1996)

Jizzm's underground pre-demo tape from 1996, this is the reissue version with bonus tracks on side B.

1. Trials And Tribs
2. Nike Radio Commercial
3. It's Going Down
4. Don't Even Trip !!!
5. Money Don't Grow On Trees
6. Untelevised Communications
7. Metamorphisis
8. B-Jack Intro
9. Reject (Beat Jack Version)

[production for songs 2-7 by Mone (Tito Pendleton) for Circle Of Power. production for song 1 by O.D. and Jizzm]

Left Side
1. ? (prod. by Greenpeace & DJ Yoda?)
2. B-Boy Real McCoy (ft. Aceyalone&Abstract Rude, prod. by Jizzm)
3. Symphony Of No Sympathy (prod. by J-Extro)
4. Rise & Define (prod. by DJ Casey)
5. Suck It E Z (prod. by DJ Cheapshot)
6. Sky's The Limit (prod. by DJ Cheapshot)
7. Atlas (ft. OMD, prod. by O.D., scratches by DJ Drez, hook sung by Nikko)
8. Trembling (prod. by Ro')
9. Trials And Tribs Pt. 2 (prod. by Mr.Zinn, scratches by DJ Drez, hook sung by Nikko)

password: ghettostyles

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Radio w/ Julma Henri & RPK

Crazy cassette boom going on in Finland.
So the first hour we played old Finnish tapes and some new ones that are for sale at our store.
First half of the second hour we listened to Ameeba's upcoming album "Montako Puuta On Metsä?" and interviewed him about it.
And the final fourth we had guests Julma Henri & RPK talking about the new "Radio Jihad: Syrjäytynyt vol. 2" album. RPK also mentioned something very interesting about the Srkkpjt project...

So it was Finnish music all the way. MAD SHIEEET!
Next show on Christmas day.

1. Moonlit - Tapeshit [Blue Phantoms Network]
2. UDF - Boys [UDF]
3. Tonedial - Different Kinds Of Lives [UDF]
4. Dumb - Suckas Never Play Me [BPN]
5. Konflikt Underground - Paranoia [BPN]
6. Dumb - Shotgun Karaoke promo [APMT 10]
7. Dumb - Running With Scissors [BPN]
8. Microbe - Don't Drop The Lyrics [Live Animation]
9. Syvä Vesi - Kelaavaan
10. Kaliyuga Pro - Untitled 2 [Rajneesh To The Rescue]
11. Children Of The Sun - From The Sun [Hiss Tapes]
12. Tobyone - Good Nightmares [Huggatree]
13. Moonlit - Honesty (World Is What We Make It) [BPN]
14. TAT200 & Iwere - Import Only [BPN]
15. Sage One - Arrows Of Love [Live Animation]
16. Lommo - Liito-oravan Villejä Remix [C-4]
17. Ameeba - Sumua [Ghettotyylit]
18. Ameeba - Läpi [Ghettotyylit]
19. Ameeba feat Pijall - Yksinkertaista [Ghettotyylit]
20. Ameeba - Kun Unelmat Kaatuu [Ghettotyylit]
21. Julma Henri & RPK - Pilvien Yläpuolella [Mörssi]
22. Julma Henri & RPK - Punanen [Mörssi]
23. Julma Henri - Radio Jihad [MÖRSSI]
24. Julma Henri feat. Juju, Konna & Asa - Kiitos [Mörssi]

Download here (4Shared)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Casey: The Fifth Element (1997)

Mixtape/compilation by DJ Casey (of Innernational), featuring freestyles and exclusive songs by Zagu Brown, Rican Sun, Jizzm and others. Tracklist here.

password: ghettostyles

Zagu Brown: Looking For The Perfect Beat [CD VERSION with different tracks]

CD-version of Zagu's beat tape, almost totally different than the cassette version. Thanks to Alex for providing the mp3! (19 tracks, the folder also includes pictures of the original tape)

password: ghettostyles

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Zagu Brown: Don't Believe It (1996)

Released around 1996/97(?) "Don't Believe It" was intended as a 'maxi-single' for Zagu's then upcoming "Above It All" solo LP, but with 13 tracks lasting about 30 minutes this tape is more of an ep/mini-album. Original cassette rip "strictly for the headphone components". (this was also reissued on cd-r)

password: ghettostyles

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Zagu Brown: Looking For The Perfect Beat (2000) (cassette version)

Zagu's beat tape (original cassette version), 13 untitled instrumentals. Also released on cd-r with almost entirely different tracks.

password: ghettostyles

Zagu Brown: Above It All (1999)

Original cassette release from 1999. The cd-version (which you can download here) contains one bonus track, but is missing Zagu's intro/midtro/outro speech where he describes this as a limited (200 copies) unmastered 'proto-tape' version (he initially planned on releasing this album on vinyl, but unfortunately that never happened).

password: ghettostyles

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Johnny & The Brain Bugs: Cypher Fuel 2054 (2001)

Instrumental tape from Araknophobix crew, all beats produced by Johnny Rico and Needleborg One, except a few co-produced/produced by Deeskee. Copyright 2001 Biofidelic/Golden Dungeon Music.

password: ghettostyles

Monday, November 28, 2011

Radio w/ J Riskit

FFCK this show was a diamond!! Y'all can't miss this.

Our guest of honor was the Finnish producer/emcee J Riskit / Anti-Olla / Pöllömies (Kylmä crew).

Click the links for original downloads.

Iwere - tracks 1-8, Moonlit - tracks 9-16, and the rest was selected by Ameba:

1. Walkin' Large - Reachin' (For My People...) [Groove Attack]
2. Paranorml - Amazon Song f/ Earthworm [Society Highest Prod]
3. Joselph MC Esher - Divine Madness [Thought Drift Music]
4. Freestyle Fellowship [Self Jupiter] - Popular [Decon]
5. JRoz - End Of A Cycle [J-Filth]
6. Zumbi Vs Shad - Mind In The Sky [Versus]
7. Neb Luv - Space Ship [Meshell Ndegeocello]
8. Of Mexican Descent - Despues De La Vida (feat Akim) [Afterlife]
9. The Kraken - Money On My Mind [CMS]
10. Twisted Mind Kids - I Feel You [No Exit]
11. Ghetto Chilldren feat Truth - I Wanna Win [Tribal Music]
12. Bomb Threat - That's Why [Snafu & Tuk] [Misfit Records 1995]
13. Feenom Circle - Prescriptions
14. Cypha 7 - Prison Of The Mind f/ Medusa [MOONLIT SCRWD)
15. Ellis Bancroft - Monotonous Resource [Monotonous Music]
16. Subdivision - Commonwealth '00 [unreleased]
17. ASAP Rocky - Demons [Clams Casino]
18. Jizzm, Xololanxinxo, Puzoozoo Watt - Dark World Light (prod by Kenji 451)
19. Eligh - Outhouse (Remember Back) (feat Murs & PSC) [G & E Music]
20. Jun Dax (feat. Jus 1-0 , Topik , Mez) - Anatomy
21. Cypha 7 - Wun luv
22. J Riskit - Pöllömies [Kylmä]
23. J Riskit - Sivusta
24. J Riskit - Nurinperin
25. J Riskit - Yöbussi
26. Pac Div - Here We Go

Download here (Megaupload).
password: ghettostyles

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Lacksi-Daisy-Cal: In My Sleep... (1997)

Old 4-track tape from Detroit based mc Lacksi-Daisy-Cal (aka Lacks).

password: ghettostyles

REQUEST: Lacksidaisycal "Plateau Summit Project" cassette (1998?)
- Does anyone have this tape? I've only seen it on Ebay once..

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Kavet The Catalyst: Livicated To EP (2003)

Another solo release from Kavet The Catalyst, dedicated to the memory of Erikson Kapuni Perry (also known as EP or IG88, of Lightsleepers/ECM).

password: ghettostyles

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Kavet The Catalyst: Odd Ot Eht Eye (2001)

Solo album by Kavet The Catalyst (of Lightsleepers) - featuring Omega6, Ghesol (of Human Amusement), Wimbly Smallfry (of The Proliteariots), and ECMassive (Fybes, IG88 aka EP, Sentrek). Beats by Kavet, DJ Devise and Sentrek.

password: ghettostyles

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Radio w/ Mindman

This was one of the most successful shows we've ever done, in our opinion.
Me, Iwere & Ameba all played one half-hour and the final 20 minutes Mindman [Murmurecordings / No Good Men...] bust some hard raps over dubstep / grime beats. Me & Ameba did a few verses too. If we were to pick one show to represent Ghetto Styles, I think this could be it.

I started the show with a vinyl-only set, then played Iwere, then Ameba...

1. Hip Hop Kclan - Sounds Like (Hip Hop Clan) [Project Blowed]
2. Fat Jack feat The A-Team - We Like Breakbeats [Celestial]
3. Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf - Just Like A Test [Bomb]
4. Homeliss Derilex - Survive'n The Game [Malvado]
5. H.S.D. (High School Dropouts) - H.S.D. [Beats And Rhymes]
6. Eddie Meeks & Thareko - Up On It [Serious Ent]
7. Phat Mob - Wrong Number [Tribal Music]
8. Vitamin D feat Tribal Crew - Freestyle [Table Manners 2]
9. Omid feat Global Phlowtations & DJ ESP - Subterranean Service 2
10. RTD Genyis feat Gren & Daddy Long Legs - A Bizzare Love (Mi Vida Loca)
11. Sumach - Untitled [Flamingo Gimpp]
12. Above Ave - On The Grind
13. Flako & Miki Vale - Love
14. Mission - Last Night [Insidious Urban]
15. Antifiction feat Priz, Mint Rock, Wiz & Big Shawn - Life [Antifiction]
16. Dead Prez - The Game Is A Battlefield
17. Electric Egypt - Secret Equations (Aka Solar Science)
18. Elusive feat L'roneous - Kick Start
19. Tim Sears - Tenten
20. Tim Sears feat Knows & Very - One Of Us (Pros)
21. Zagu Brown - Projects [Gpac]
22. Log Cabin - Melancholy Manuscripts
23. 1628 Factor - Given You A Rundown
24. Cypha 7 - Bounce Off The Planet [Afterlife]
25. ASAP Rocky - Ass [Clams Casino]
26. ASAP Rocky - Peso [ASAP Ty Beats]
28. Khidnap - Taivas [Ghetto Tyylit]

Download link fixed! (Mediafire)
PW: ghettostyles

Radio: October (3 shows)

Hey folks!
I'm sorry for posting these broadcasts late.
Here are the three shows from October. There were no specials, just me, Ameba & Iwere playing tunes, except October 30th featured Khid.

October 2nd. Including 3 tracks from the new fresh Compton artist Kendrick Lamar, very worth checking out. Also, in the end, a new Khid track and three songs from our lately released cassettes (check out the Store):

1. Ameba - Fused
2. Babe Rainbow - - [warp]
3. Global Phlowtations - Proper Execution
4. Orko Eloheim - Psychogunpowder
5. Oldominion - Ego System
6. Sleep - Man In A Box [Under the Needle]
7. Kennuf Akbar - Thats The Way It Has To Be (Suckas Say)
8. Kendrick Lamar - Cut You Off
9. Kendrick Lamar - ADHD
10. Kendrick Lamar - Let Me Be Me
11. LMNO - Be
12. Scienz Of Life - I AM KING [HHV]
13. Robot Koch & John Robinsin - The Future [Project Mooncircle]
14. Squil - BACK 2 LEVEL 1
15. Gracias - War Of The Hearts
16. Saurus - Kruuna
17. Dem One - Time Line (f/ D-Styles)
18. Dem One - Hell 12
19. Lil B - Motivation
20. Wes Nyle - All Bad
21. Boldy James - Make It Work f/ Wabby Gale
22. Boldy James - I Sold Dope All My Life
23. The Game - California Vacation feat. Snoop & Xzibit
24. YG - I'm Good
25. Lost Generation - Feelin' My Swag
26. TayF3rd - Prolly In The Hood
27. Zion I - Sorry
28. Oddjobs - The Mighty Fine
29. Trae - Problem Pt. 2
30. Oddities - Soundwaves f/ Ishkan [Battle Axe]
31. Grieves - Lightspeed
32. Khid - Ei [Ghetto Tyylit]
33. Blue Phantoms Network - Untitled (Kaliyuga Pro / Dumb) [BPN]
34. Blue Phantoms Network - Paranoia (Moonlit / Konflikt Underground) [BPN]
35. Children Of The Sun - Broker

Download (4shared)

October 16th. If you ain't heard of Justin Morales and the Tech Lab before, check this:

1. DJ Drez, TraeSevn & Zaire Black - That Vibe [Say It Loud]
2. Orko The Sycotik Alien - Walk On Water [Fuk Da Industry]
3. Malkovich Music - Eventually [Genoa / BLX]
4. Inoe One - Hot Love [GPAC]
5. Anacron, Jahn & Perv One - Astrology [Peanut Gallery Network]
6. DJ D feat. Dk Toon & Nina Lorin - World Goes On [Mass Men]
7. Rifleman - How My Life Goes On
8. Rass Kass - Understandably Smooth
9. G&E - Teach Me The Way [HHV]
10. Tommy V - Memory Lane [Homeless Records]
11. Tommy V (Imprints) - Soarin' [Who Woulda Thunk]
12. Tech Lab (Justin Morales & BC Ghost) - Untitled [Blue Phantoms Network]
13. Justin Morales - Searching
14. Sickheadz - Respect
15. Blame One & Aloe Blacc - Atheist
16. Ras K'Dee - Foreign Fantasies [Nucuma]
17. Southside Playaz - Hard II Survive [Laftex]
18. Lady Bee - That's My Man
19. Gangsta Blac - Crank Dis Bitch Up [Prophet Ent]
20. OMD - Lady Of The Lake
21. Nocando - Matter Of Moments?
22. Reflection Eternal - Memories Live [Rawkus]
23. Epic & Nomad - I Want Peace
24. Suns - What We Want
25. 3MG - Beautiful Mind
26. CMA - Bad Side (feat. Slug) [Legendary Music]
27. P. Way (Bored Stiff) - Lifelines
28. Spex - Untitled [That Was Then...]
29. Grand Invincible - Earn The Pay [Megakutrecords]
30. Ahmad - Back In The Day (Remix)

Download (4shared)

October 30th, with Khid:

1. Khid - Ei
2. Source Of Labor - Overstandings (Wetlands Remix) [Tribal]
3. The Grouch - Plan In Effect
4. Dojah - Let'em Have It
5. Narcotic - Intro 2 The Central [Tribal]
6. Kendrick Lamar - A.D.H.D
7. Main Attraktionz ft. ASAP Rocky - Take 1
8. Shabazz Palaces - An echo from the hosts that profess infinitum
9. Shabazz Palaces - 4 Shadows
10. Thavius Beck - Go (Offshore RMX)
11. Lil B - Real 100
12. Kolossus - Breakin Bread (Phaseone rmx)
13. Playa Fly - Ghetto Eyes
14. Orko - Psycho Gun Powder
15. Sach - Illustrations feat. Zagu Brown
16. Murs - The Extras feat. Big Texas & Evanessence
17. The Grouch - Bring It Back
18. Plado - Try To Read My Mind (Rmx)
19. Copacetic Concepts - Insinde My Mind
20. Shamen 12 - Universe With A Curse
21. Odessa Kane / Lab Rat Race - The Coldest Ave's feat. Orko Elohim
22. Rifleman - On The 1
23. A.B.N - Within Myself
24. Neila - Midnight Shadows
25. Ameeba - Kun Unelmat Kaatuu
26. Darkleaf - Boundless [Kimetic Principles]
27. Emanon - Things Fall Apart [Dream Sequents]
28. Mzr Axeom - Vibrations

Download (4shared)

Lightsleepers: Ana Loves Digi (Narcoleptic Symposium 1.5) (2001)

Second compilation by Light Sleepers, featuring Kavet The Catalyst, NoMasterBacks, Jus1.0, Topik, Oliver Twister, Lotus Eater, Neila, Aceyalone, etc.

password: ghettostyles

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Lightsleepers: Narcoleptic Symposium (2000)

Classic compilation from The Light Sleepers crew (Hawaii), features radio freestyles and exclusive songs by Jus 1.0, Neila, Lotus Eater, Omega6, Kilowatts, Abstract Rude, Peace, Kavet The Catalyst etc.. full tracklist here.

password: ghettostyles

Thursday, November 10, 2011

All Purpose: Aural Sex (1998)

Second release by All Purpose DJ's Lex & True Justice (pioneers in the Bay Area hiphop scene since early 90's). This mixtape contains songs by Misfitz Ov Stylz, Eclipse 427, P's & Q's (of Cytoplasmz), Fundamentals, Bas-1, etc. Check the full tracklist here.

password: ghettostyles

[Request: All Purpose mixtape volume 1, from 1997]

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Emanon - Unreleased (part 2)

As I mentioned in my previous post, here's another tape full of unreleased Emanon material (22 songs, almost 90 minutes). Brought to you by This Is For The Hustlers (one of the finest underground hiphop blogs out there). This version is ripped from a cassette dub, and it has better sound quality than the mp3 that was available at Soulseek. If anyone knows the origin of this tape, please leave a comment.


Emanon - Unreleased

I think I got this tape from Aloe in '99 or early 2000's, this is a compilation of some random unreleased songs by Emanon (also featuring Takbir of Styles Of Beyond). There are no song titles on the cassette, but I've named the mp3 tracks myself (for reference). There are a few songs on this tape that I still haven't heard anywhere else, but some of the other songs appeared on another unreleased Emanon tape which was floating around Soulseek entitled "emanon - unreleased lp [2002]". Our homie at This Is For The Hustlers will post that one, make sure to check it out.

password: ghettostyles

Exile: Gone Postal Mix Up Mix Tape (1998)

Continuing with Emanon-related posts, here's another rare mixtape by DJ Xile. This limited edition tape was released in 1998 by Subculture Magazine (who also put out the "Dawn's Second Coming" cassette). A nice mix of classic 90's hiphop. Click here for tracklist.

password: ghettostyles

Monday, October 31, 2011

Emanon And Dream Sequence: Four Track Files Vol. 1 (2001)

A collection of old Emanon/Dream Sequence songs, limited cassette release from 2001. I believe this was put together by Sublevel Epidemic Recordings (Kegs One of Below The Surface/So Far West). They probably had enough material for "vol. 2", but I don't think it ever came out..

1. Things Fall Apart [Aloe]
2. Shaping Rhythm [Xile instrumental]
3. I'm Free [Aloe]
4. My Lady [Xile]
5. Thinking Out Loud [Aloe]
6. Pay Attention [Blame One]
7. Forging Sound [Xile instrumental]
8. Waking Dream [Aloe]
9. It Doesn't Make Cents [Xile]
10. Move Forward [Myself the Great Fool]
11. Sliding Into First [Tenfor, Aloe]
12. Testify: The Hero [Aloe]
13. Therapeutic Logistics [Aloe, Xile]
14. Take A Look And Imagine [Aloe]
15. Come With Us [Xile, Oby, Aloe]

beats by: Xile (2,5,6,7,9,13,14,15), Curly (1), Southpaw (3), Myself The Great Fool (4,10), Tenfor (11), Jinsing (8?), Oby (12, 15?)

password: ghettostyles

Emanon: Acid Nine (1999)

This tape has been posted on other blogs before, but some of those download links seem to be dead so I thought I'd re-post it here. Lyrics arranged and performed by Aloe (for Dream Sequence), music composed by Exile and Cheapshot (for Dirty Science).

1. Acid Nine
2. Path Of The Divine
3. Our Music
4. Personification
5. Asinine
6. P.S.I.
7. Outside Looking In
8. Beware The Ides
9. Iambland

password: ghettostyles

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Youth Internationals: Hip Hop Generation EP (2002)

Another Emmoworks vinyl release, Youth Internationals EP from 2002. Contains three songs from their album, plus instrumentals. Featuring vocals by Natty Roots, Richport, Zaire Black, Astro Logic, Ceylon, etc. and beats by Natty Roots, June 22 and DJ Westafa.

password: ghettostyles

[REQUEST: Youth Internationals "Hip Hop Generation" CD (full length album), if anyone has it please let us know]

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Michempstead: Culture / Lower Class Youth (12" single)

Rare 12-inch single by Mic Hempstead (of Freedom Smugglers), released probably around 2000-2001(?). Featuring DJ Drez on the cuts, and beats by Vic (Soulrealism) and June22 (Emmoworks).

password: ghettostyles

Richport The Savior: Young Profit$ (7" single)

7-inch single by Richport The Savior, released in 2003 or 2004(?). Contains two songs "Young Profits" and "Dealin' Wit" plus instrumetals for both. Produced by June 22, cuts by DJ Drez.

password: ghettostyles

Thursday, October 27, 2011

(Ras) Ceylon: 1st Lesson (1999)

...more Emmoworks related material, "1st Lesson" EP by Ceylon (aka Ras Ceylon). This was originally released on a red cassette tape, but the mp3 here is ripped from a cd-r version. Featuring I-One, Zaire Black, Merdok, Mic Hempstead and Xile.

password: ghettostyles

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Xololanxinxo: A Tape From A Stolen Car (1998)

As requested, here is the original cassette version of Xololanxinxo's debut album from 1998 (or '99?).

1. 20x A Day
2. Smoke Signals
3. Tears Of A Clown
4. Can't We Have Children?
5. Shouldn't We?
6. live (at Goodlife)
7. Smack (feat. Shovelhead)
8. Lil Lips
9. untitled instrumental
10. Back Door Lover
11. untitled freestyle
12. untitled outro

please support the artist and buy the cd-r version ("The Victim - Tapes From A Stolen Car") from La2TheBay , Accesshiphop or HHV.

you can still download the exclusive cassette-only tracks (6,9,11,12) from this link. (password: ghettostyles)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

June22: Elements0097 (1997)

This rare mixtape by June 22 contains some classic 90's hiphop (check the tracklist), original samples/breaks, exclusive freestyle by Hieroglyphics (Del, Souls Of Mischief, Casual) and also three previously unreleased songs by Moving Objects.

password: ghettostyles

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Moving Objects: Stone Lions (1996)

Moving Objects (Zaire Black, I-One, June22) recorded this EP around '96, and it was originally released on cassette only. It was the first release on their EMMOworks label and became an instant classic for many. Featuring Emanon, Natty, Astro, Lastman, Accapella, etc. and produced by June 22. Mp3 ripped from the cd-reissue.

password: ghettostyles

[Also check out Zaire Black & June22 - Experiments In Truth ]

Friday, October 21, 2011

Antifiction: Taht (2006)

Here's the last Antifiction album, see Discogs link for details.
CD might still be available at the Antifiction website, but I'm not sure if it's active anymore.

password: ghettostyles

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Blaise Taddune: Iao Arbraxas (2005)

Another Antifiction related release (from around 2005?), a beat cd by Blaise Taddune. 16 untitled tracks.

password: ghettostyles

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Antifiction: Confidentiali (2004)

Second release by Antifiction, a limited cd-r of what sounds like leftover material. Features beats and raps by Blaise Taddune and Big Shawn, with a couple of guest mc's who I didn't recognize. 12 untitled tracks (half of them instrumental beats).

password: ghettostyles

Antifiction: Antifiction (2002)

As requested, here is Antifiction's self-titled album from 2002. Antifiction was a project created by Blaise Rea Taddune, Shawn Castello (aka Big Shawn of Bored Stiff), Bruce Leighton, and various other guest mc's/musicians. They released three cd's between 2002-2006, this first one has 22 untitled tracks, many of them produced by Big Shawn (who also raps on a few songs).

password: ghettostyles

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Knows: Frequencies (1999)

A beat tape by Knows (of Us Pros), features classic instrumentals such as "South Sin True", "LACAUSP", and "X-Zistance" (which is actually produced by Tom Slick, according to the credits on Scarub's "Answer 2wo The Meaning" tape).

password: ghettostyles

Very: Coffee Shop (1998) [CD-R reissue /bonus tracks]

This cd-r version of Very's "Coffee Shop" album was released a few years ago and seems to be out of print already. It contains a few bonus tracks that weren't on the original cassette version (which was posted at This Is For The Hustlers blog).

password: ghettostyles

Timsears: Ten Wheel Motion (2002)

Another album by TimSears (of Us Pros), released on cd in 2001 or 2002. Beats produced by Daneja One, Knows and Odeed. Featuring raps by Daneja One, and some background vocals by Knows, Sahga, Very and WYG. Click here for tracklist.

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Tim Sears: One Of Us (Pros) (1998)

Solo album by Tim Sears, released soon after he became a member of Us Pros. This mp3 is ripped from the cd-r version.

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Us Pros: Have You Seen Us? (2005)

Third (and last?) album by US Pros (Knows and Very).. 14 tracks (+ 1 bonus song), featuring Pariah, Sahga, Voice Watson, and Scarub. It seems Timsears wasn't part of the group anymore so he's not featured. (for production credits and tracklist, click here).

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Us Pros: Blame It On Us ! (2000)

Second album by US Pros (Knows, Very, and TimSears). 10 tracks + 1 bonus song, beats by Knows and Very.

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Us Pros: Elements Of Expression (1998)

Debut cassette release by US Pros (Knows and Very). Also featuring Tim Sears (who wasn't yet an official member of the crew). Click here for production credits and tracklist.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Astrobwoy: Sloe Jamz (1997)

Astrobwoy's beat tape.. tracklist here. (c) FYDH productions / pntgllryntwrk 1997

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Astrobwoy: Comin Up (1998)

As requested, here's one of the early releases by Astrobwoy (Anacron's alter ego?). Guest emcees: Anacron, Irie, Prosper Jones. Produced by Astrobwoy. Copyright 1998 Fucc Yo Ded Homiez / Peanut Gallery Network.

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

DJ Exile: Stretch Marx (1995)

Old mixtape by Eksile (of Emanon / Dream Sequence), side one contains a dj mix by Eksile, and side two has some old 4-track songs by Dream Sequents (Aloe B, Eksile, Cable Roc). Beats by DJ South Paw and Exile. Tracklist here.

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Check out other Exile/Emanon tapes at our homie's blog:
Exile/Emanon - Imaginary Friends (1996)
Exile/Emanon - Dawn's Second Coming (1999)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Last 2 Serve: Magnetic Personalities (1995)

Apparently the first release on the now defunct Ocean Floor Products/Records, this cd features L*Roneous and Queue, with a live band. (uploaded as a request)

Front Yard
1. Blessed Be Da Fruit (Intro)
2. Salutations / Every Bit Of Nothin
3. Free The Monster
4. Insecticide: Prelude To A Dark Groove

Back Yard
5. Isolate Your Dome
6. Deal With It
7. Insecticide
(8. Outro)

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Radio: SFSM Special + interview

Me & Iwere (Harri) did a show about a group called San Francisco Street Music aka SFSM.
I also did an interview with the original founding member Charles Hubert aka Chaz.

SFSM is underground hiphop in its truest, realest and purest form. Lyrics are very personal and honest, beats often emotional and style & quality is raw 4track/cassette sound. In my opinion SFSM is how music oughta be made - to no other purpose than to enjoy making, doing it for fun but also to talk from the heart. The dirty homemade 4track sound brings a certain touch of authenticity, not cleaning up for anyone, just making the music for yourself.

SFSM started out as a duo of Chaz & Corey (aka Identity) and their first release – San Francisco Street Music "Word Of Mouth", 1994. The group gained new members after that (including Joe Dub, Alex75, JESFSM etc.) and SFSM was very active during the years 1995-1998. Then they came apart - untill 2011 when the founding members Corey & Chaz got together (after not seeing eachother in 13 years) and made a new album.

We played songs in chronological order, from their most known releases but also from some very rare tapes. We did this show in english, for the first time, so y'all can understand. We do sound a little silly but are on point... mainly. The interview with Chaz is beneath the playlist.

"Word Of Mouth" [1994]

1. San Francisco Street Music - Paper Crane [Word Of Mouth, 1994]
2. San Francisco Street Music - Rough Drafts [Word Of Mouth, 1994]
3. San Francisco Street Music - Consequently [Word Of Mouth, 1994]
4. San Francisco Street Music - SF Giants (Part 2) [Word Of Mouth, 1994]
5. San Francisco Street Music - Roll Call [Word Of Mouth, 1994]
6. San Francisco Street Music - Defiant Ones [Still Defiant, 1995]
7. San Francisco Street Music - Last Day Saloon [Still Defiant, 1995]
8. San Francisco Street Music - Downtown I [Still Defiant, 1995]
9. San Francisco Street Music - Downtown II [Still Defiant, 1995]
10. San Francisco Street Music feat Big Shawn - Lonely Mountain [Still Defiant, 1995]
11. Culture Identity - Jojo
12. Culture Identity - Mix Of Elements
13. Chaz - Untitled [$Tree, 1996]
14. Chaz - Oasis [$Tree, 1996]
15. San Francisco Street Music - Decisions [The Pride, 1996]
16. San Francisco Street Music - Four Directions [The Pride, 1996]
17. San Francisco Street Music - Let Down [The Pride, 1996]
18. San Francisco Street Music - 50 50 [The Pride, 1996]
19. San Francisco Street Music - Dreamcatcher [The Pride, 1996]
20. San Francisco Street Music - Elevation [The Pride, 1996]
21. San Francisco Street Music - Here And Now [The Pride, 1996]
22. San Francisco Street Music - King Of The Jungle [The Pride, 1996]
23. San Francisco Street Music - Inhale / Exhale [The Pride, 1996]
24. Glen Park Hustlas - Untitled
25. Glen Park Hustlas - Some Bout You
26. San Francisco Street Music - 3rd Bass Shirt [From There To Here, 1998]
27. San Francisco Street Music - Charades [From There To Here, 1998]
28. San Francisco Street Music - Just Rappin' [From There To Here, 1998]
29. San Francisco Street Music - Dedicated To... [From There To Here, 1998]
30. Young Joseph - Seabreeze Raps [Noise Pollution, 1999]
31. Young Joseph feat Brandon B & Neila - What You Need [Noise Pollution, 1999]
32. Young Joseph feat Rich - Our Time To Shine [Noise Pollution, 1999]
33. Young Joseph - Lioness [Noise Pollution, 1999]
34. Young Joseph - Puttin Rap In It's Place [Noise Pollution, 1999]
35. San Francisco Street Music - Better Days [Untitled, 2011]
36. San Francisco Street Music - Place And Time [Untitled, 2011]
37. San Francisco Street Music - Float By [Untitled, 2011]
38. San Francisco Street Music - Kings Of The Underrated [The Rapture, 2012]

Download here (Mediafire)
Password: ghettostyles

Go to for free downloads of full albums, new & old.

Rare SFSM paper catalog with some totally unheard releases.

***INTERVIEW with Chaz***

Tell us who you are and what you do?
My name is Charles Hurbert aka Chaz. I am one of the original members of SFSM.

How did you get into making music? And how did you and Corey come together to form SFSM?
I started rapping in 1990, when I was 15. It wasn't until 1991 that we got a sampler (Ensoniq Mirage w/out sequencer) that I started making music. A group of guys – myself, Corey, and a few others – started recording music as The Brotherhood of the Left Nut. I still have those tapes and they suck. A lot of bad freestyles when we all wanted to sound like ATCQ.
Over the course of the next year or so, Corey and I started getting more serious about the music and started recording under the name Rough Draft, Young C & Chaz, and finally years later it became SFSM.

So you and Corey are really old friends?

Definitely, we weren't introduced until high-school through mutual friends.

What were your musical inspirations back then? I mean about the time you recorded "Word of mouth" tape?
Native Tongues, Freeestyle Fellowship, Souls of Mischief, KRS-One, the list goes on and on. I could name a dozen more from that time period. There was a lot to be inspired by! I would definitely site Bored Stiff as a huge influence as well. Aside from the fact they were local kids a year or two older than us, they were really exploring that raw, really honest rap sound. It really touched a nerve with me. Del and Hieroglyphics crew were a huge inspiration lyrically and stylistically. “Eye Examination,” the B-side from Dr. Bombay 12" was a seminal moment in regards to what you could say in a rap song. It starts, "I never had real friends 'till now. " That was so honest, direct and personal, it blew my mind.

As for beats, I would say my inspirations were groups like Black Sheep, DITC (Digging In The Crates), Large Professor, Pete Rock, Prince Paul, etc. who really sampled different stuff, not just funk/soul. There were also some producers in my extended circles locally that made tracks that pushed the boundaries of what I thought was acceptable with a beat. People like Verse Murphy from Sacred Hoop, TD Camp from Bored Stiff, and there was a guy named Luce (forget the group/crew name) that was doing really interesting stuff as well. He had this one beat where the main loop was a sample (probably from a children’s record) of a bunch of kids whistling. I heard it and was just floored.

As for my choices in samples, if you listen to the jazz-fusion band Oregon, you'll hear a LOT of Word Of Mouth samples ;). I loved those guys. Glen Moore is one of the great bassist of record.

How did you come together with Joe Dub, Jes, Alex75 and rest of the people affiliated of SFSM?
We were all sort of connected to each other via friends. I went to school with Jesse, and rapped with him in high-school. He knew Joe Dub and introduced us, who introduced me to Alex. Corey went to HS with Pete and Jon. We were all basically city kids of the same age growing up in SF.

"Still Defiant" tape originated from 8 people living in a one bed-room apartment

You were very productive during the years 1995-1998. You must've gathered up on a regular basis to record somewhere?
Always at our respective living quarters. We very seldom were at studios. I made most of the beats, primarily because I owned the equipment, so a lot of it was at my house. Then after WOM, Corey and I moved in to a place on a street called Duboce. It was 1995 and it was a dank little 1-bedroom apt. in a sketchy part of town. That house later became a major hub for a lot of young people who were making music and coming by to hang out. That's where a bulk of the material for the "Still Defiant" tape originated. It ended up being 8 people living in a one bed-room apartment! I left before that, but it was quite a scene.

Did you have a certain day of week to record or was it just whenever someone came to hang out?
Every day! Smoking blunts, making beats, and writing raps. That was what we did. Both Corey and I were working as teachers in the public day care system, so a lot of the time we would work early morning shifts and be off by 2pm. We'd fade on a sack (combine money on weed) and make music. ("Fade" is definitely classic SF lingo that goes back to the ‘90s.)

Did you do a lot of shows?
Not really a lot. We did handful of shows around the time of WOM (Word o' Mouth). After that I kind of pulled back a bit but Corey and the other guys did some really great shows.
The most remembered was a show at a spot called Bahia Cabana. Someone has these shows on video somewhere. I wish I could find them! Corey actually just told me his brother had recorded almost all the shows on VHS tape but it’s since been lost. That bummed me out.

Did anyone ever try to sign you to a record label?
Nope. Our tapes were bootlegged and sold in some magazines, but this was before the days of the internet. So, music only moved at the speed of cassettes hand to hand – word of mouth. And some white boys in SF talking about life experience wasn't very commercially viable back then.
It wasn't until I started seeing groups like Aesop Rock and Atmosphere that I saw other white kids about my age who were doing similar stuff and getting traction. That was around 1999-Y2K. And by that time, SFSM as a group wasn't active.

You guys didn't completely stop making music, did you?
I can only speak for myself, but after 1998, I became disillusioned with rap. It stopped speaking to me. I was partying with Alex75 7-days a week, making beats for fun and writing raps about our escapades. I needed time away to give me perspective on myself and my music. Around 2002 I released "Ironic City, " which was an instrumental album that I actually recorded in a bonafide studio. It had decent beats, but in my opinion lacked soul. Corey actually ended up rapping on some of those beats while he was living in Sacramento!

Everyone else has continued to make music on their own, Joe Dubs being the most prolific of the crew!

Tell us about coming back together for Untitled in 2011. How did that happen?
Well, I started getting the itch to make beats again. I borrowed the EPS16+ (my sampler of choice) from Pete and started making beats to see if I still could. Then I decided I'd try and reach out to Corey via Facebook as we hadn't really talked in years.

Prior to 2011, I hadn't seen Corey but a few times since 1998. Lol, we would sometimes correspond via phone or mail and he would send me tapes. But we didn't have much communication other than that. We both were doing our own things. He had kids, had moved to Sacramento and was back in the city again. I was working on playing music, learning instruments and writing songs rather focusing on making beats/rap.

Anyway, I started sending him beats and he started coming to my house and we recorded a bunch of new songs. It's been going like that since then. He spends a lot of time with his kids so we usually only hook up on Friday nights when he can get someone to watch them. Speaking of which, his 9-year old son Vashon is a really talented break-dancer/b-boy. Look him up on You Tube!

Can we expecting more SFSM?
I hope so! We are still working on songs. We did a session a couple of weeks ago banged out 4 new songs. I think there are like 5-6 new songs already recorded. I am continuing to make beats, and am also doing some production for White Mic of Bored Stiff.

What's your favorite SFSM song?
Ha! Well, quite honestly I LOVE the new stuff so much. Personally I would go with "Place and Time". But a lot of people I know really liked "Brothers" from the last album.

Why "Place and Time"?
Beat, lyrics, flow. Corey kills that one. And the beats one of my favorites!

(Chaz quoting "Place And Time"):
"The soul exists you inherit it, that’s why it's imperative you develop it nurture and relish it... take care of it! Feed it some good old soul food that food for thought, cause nothing's worse than an old fool. That's Skool of thought, yeah that's one of my old crews, one out the old school you suckers still owe dues."
And the bassline just rumbles! I love that track!

Another favorite of mine is "Float By". Those lyrics are really meaningful to me.

You earlier mentioned that you used an Ensoniq Mirage and EPS16 to make beats. I'm assuming you often used a fourtrack to record becouse the sound was always so raw. Would like to you talk more about the equipment you used back then and what you use now?
Absolutely! I have never really used anything other than Ensoniq samplers; my favorite being the EPS16+. Lots of producers, including RZA, Kanye West, and many other still use the Ensoniq. It has a great sound and is very intuitive. The Solo/Mute function also really adds a lot of personality to tracks during mix downs (EPS/ASR users will know what I am talking about).
As for recording, Tascam 4-tracks were always the primary method of recording. I've had a Porta-01 and a 424. They remind me of a moment in time. I love the 4-track sound and tape hiss for this reason alone! At one point I had a n Otari Mx5050 MK III 1/2" 8-track. That was beast of a machine! But it sounded amazing! I've also always wanted a Tascam 388 (1/4" 8-track), which is also fairly large. I almost bought one once but I couldn't find room in my living room to house it. That machine sounded like a dream as well.

That being said, I now record using Cubase SX3. It's solid, does what I need it to do. I rarely use it for anything other than a glorified 8-track with some great VST outboard emulations (EQ/Compression).
I recently finally spent a chunk of money on a good tube mic and pre-amp (Mojave MA-200 and Daking Mic One Pre). Prior to that I was using XML (cheap Chinese condenser mic and pre's on my Mackie board). Let me say it makes a huge difference in the tonal quality of the recorded voice! I am very pleased.

Would you consider putting new music out on a cd or a tape maybe? I mean on a physical format instead of internet releases?
Those days are probably long gone. Physical media seem fairly obsolete in my opinion. Other than vinyl and analog tape (reel-to-reel), which have inherent sound advantages, I can't imagine putting out a physical product. I am one of the many who listen to mp3s primarily on my smart-phone. It's convenience over quality. I can't imagine carrying around CDs anymore.
While I would absolutely agree that there seems to be something missing from a download only album, quite honestly I can't imagine selling enough copies of vinyl to justify the production cost. It would end up just being a vanity project. In the end, music is about the experience between artist and listener. If you connect with it, it doesn't matter how it was delivered.

Thanks a lot for the intereview, Chaz! Anything you'd like say for the end? Shoutouts... whatever...
Firstly, I'd like to say thanks to you guys for taking the time to put this radio show/interview together. It means a lot to know people appreciate what we did when we were kids and are still listening to what we do now. Much love to the entire SFSM crew and extended fam. Y'all know who you are. Respect to all those who came before us and paved the way. Without you, there would be no me.