Monday, December 13, 2010

Neveready - Postcard From Haarlem

I was supposed to post this two weeks ago when I played this mix on the air.

This is a minimix by homie Neveready (Foureyes crew) who's currently residing in Haarlem, Holland. These are his tracks, and boy, I gotta say, they are diamonds!
Before I got the playlist for this, I was listening to it like "wow, where did he find these tracks! I want em!" and only later I realised that they were his tracks.
I'm really proud to be a Finn right now, having this kind of music made here.

Postcard from Haarlem, minimix by Neveready.

Neveready - Old Photos (Punkdrummer re-visit)
Neveready - Spiritual Revolution
Oddkid - Rainshine & Sunfall (Haarlem Version)
Neveready - Up in Haarlem
Neveready - Untitled
Neveready - Under...Ground (Cant Sleep)

pass: ghettostyles

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  1. wow this is ill... great vibes comming from holland. Thank you for this!