Friday, December 17, 2010

Webstore open!

Dumb's album "Paperwrists" came out today,
and I thought it's finally about time to put all our releases in one place.

More new music to come there, and also used records.
It's right here or on the left hand side under "Pages":

Keep checking!

Ps. that new logo was designed by Khid. We will put that on t-shirts.


Monday, December 13, 2010

Neveready - Postcard From Haarlem

I was supposed to post this two weeks ago when I played this mix on the air.

This is a minimix by homie Neveready (Foureyes crew) who's currently residing in Haarlem, Holland. These are his tracks, and boy, I gotta say, they are diamonds!
Before I got the playlist for this, I was listening to it like "wow, where did he find these tracks! I want em!" and only later I realised that they were his tracks.
I'm really proud to be a Finn right now, having this kind of music made here.

Postcard from Haarlem, minimix by Neveready.

Neveready - Old Photos (Punkdrummer re-visit)
Neveready - Spiritual Revolution
Oddkid - Rainshine & Sunfall (Haarlem Version)
Neveready - Up in Haarlem
Neveready - Untitled
Neveready - Under...Ground (Cant Sleep)

pass: ghettostyles

Radio w/ DJ Kridlokk

Me & Iwere played for the first hour,
and the second hour was by our special guest DJ Kridlokk
who came in with mad & rare Memphis styles.
Now, if you don't know about Memphis yet,
some true underground gangsta sound have come out of that area in the 90's.
Southern style with that real ghetto sound, really dirty and rugged
'cos ain't none of them had no money for cd-burners and studio equipment, i guess,
so it's all fourtracker and cassette shit. Quick and rhythmic rapping on slow beats, you know how it is. This that shit you never ever hear on radio!
Also a brand new yet unreleased track by our favorite Finnish character Eevil Stöö.

And don't forget, this Thursday Blue Phantoms Network is proud to present "Paperwrists" album by Dumb. Only on CD and very limited. More info of that later.

1. Darkleaf - Alkemy
2. Bedouins - When Did I Die?
3. Emanon - Death Becomes Me
4. Dave Dub & Zest The Smoker - No Photos
5. Zest The Smoker - Max Murder
6. E.I.M. - Planet Rhyme
7. Kirby Dominant - Snow
8. Aegiz - I Saw
9. Enigmatical feat Nadasdi - Drowning (Remix) - Out Of The Blue Crew
10. Misto Soon - Never Alone
11. Peshi - Royal Hunter
12. J-Bizness feat LMNO - Be
13. Nommo Collective / Jahsun Edmonds - Masta Thy Universe
14. Declaime - Gangsta - Someothaship
15. The Nonce - Who Falls Apart - Wild West
16. Microbe - Äänetön Tuuli
17. DJ Spanish Fly - Yeah Nigga
18. Project Pat - F**k A Bitch ft. Juicy J
19. Primo - Orange Mound Killaz
20. Lil Ramsey - Bitch It's A hold Up ft Tommy Wright III
21. Black Mafia - Black Mafia Niggas
22. 196 Clique - No More Mr. Niceguy
23. Eevil Stöö
24.Lady J - All About
25. DJ Paul - Fuck DJ Squeeky ft Skinny Pimp & Homicide
26. Ruff Draft - Gangsta Walk
27. Tommy Wright III - Style Stealaz ft. Ten Wanted Men
28. Dumb - Running With Scissors

pass: ghettostyles