Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tony Da Skitzo is not dead?

Last April I wrote a memorial post of the one-year anniversary of Tony Da Skitzo's death.

Apparently he is not dead.

I first got this knowledge from the Discogs page on Skitzo. Then a Google search lead me to a Myspace site where is a lot of material concenring Skitzo's death, incl. suicide notes.

Usually you hear about rappers' death from around the web instantly and a little later you hear it on songs and read the RIP on album covers. None of that has been going on.

The latest evidence prooving the opposite is apparently Mr. Brady's, who is a friend of Skitzo, comments on a bunch of Skitzo's Youtube videos. Here's his profile and the vids.

Maybe it's a joke or a bad rumor but it pretty much seems that Skitzo is alive. Which is great! Let's just hope that he still makes music too. he does here:


    This is Skitzo's Facebook page.
    Ive also heard/read that he's dead but fortunately it seems everything is ok with him...


  2. He is alive... it's just his ego that was killed, nothing else!

  3. thank you both!
    it is confirmed then.

  4. honestly, what the fuck.

  5. Yo guys, this blog is fantastic, there are a tons of rare tracks from one of my favorites like G-Pac, Jizzm, Eclipse 427, Souls of Mischief, GoodLife MCs etc. Also Im wondering maybe you have The Herb Session tape from Nairb of G-Pac... If you have it and could post some tracks from the tape that would be highly appreciated... Thanks and keep doing this dope blog!

    Erik from Hungary

  6. thanks a lot, erik!
    we'll look in to that herb session tape.
    glad to hear people in hungary dig this stuff too.

  7. SKITZO STILL ALIVE?! wooo thats good newz man. became somewhat of a ritual for me to blaze FAT in the morning and during the darkest hours of nite to "storm brewing". fuckin love skitz' flow on that track. now keep spittin that wicked shit kidd!