Sunday, October 3, 2010

Radio w/ Plankton

This session was with the Anti-Party underground grandmaster, Plankton.

A lot of songs that I've ever played on this show are thanks to two things/people:
Kali Yuga's music "library" & Plankton's mixtapes. His mixtapes are like the guide to the whole genre.

All songs that I played were straight from cassettes, no rips. So you can hear the "click" of play and stop buttons. I think my ripping days are over.

This might just be the best show this far, dj-wise,
starting with my set:
1. DJ Honda - For Every Day That Goes By (f. Rawcotiks)
2. Foreign Legion - Full-time B-Boy
3. Megabusive - Sergaent Shitface
4. Eastside Badstads - Enemy Lines
5. The Grouch - Mr. Invisible
6. Aura - Chameleon Age
7. Tommy V. - Soarin'
8. Radioinactive - Shopping List
9. Mystik Journeymen - Walkman Invaders
10. Eclipse 427 - Pressure Point
11. Gershwin - Can You Hear Me
12. Aura & Randy - Land Of The Shadow
13. Basik - What U Ever Control?
14. Global Phlowtations - Outlooks
15. Emanon - Blind Individuals
16. Jizzm - Goodbye

Plankton's set:
17. Tenshun - Suicide Note In D Minor
18. Megabusive - The Beat
19. Subtitle - Ultrasique
20. Subtitle - Pill Pop
21. Anacron - My Other Pair
22. The Disturbers - Cloudy Day Girl
23. Third Sight - Hostage
24. Adura - Adura
25. Axeom - Vibrations
26. Kennuf Akbar - (untitled of album Prelude)
27. Tony Da Skitzo - Man On
28. Anti-Party People - (untitled unreleased)
29. P.E.A.C.E. & Pijall - (freestyle '98)*
30. Anti-Party People - Fuck Up The Sound

*The story behind this song goes roughly this way:
Roopek (back then known as Esaar), Pijall and Plankton were in the Bay in '98 (just when Ceebrolistics "Dayofthepeopleinbetween" album had come out), and they recorded six hours of freestyles over Roope's beats with various local emcees. I think they were at Ab Rude's house and people kept coming and going and grabbing the mic. Like, the whole time people came over like "oh you guys are recording? Cool, can I rap some?"

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