Friday, June 18, 2010

Bookworm / Oddities: Claustrophonics (1998)

This cd contains early material by members of the Oddities crew (with some special quests). Produced and released by Bookworm (of Oddities/Awkward Why?), track 11 co-produced by Natural (of Dynasty).

1. Intro [Sir Syntax]
2. Nipple Pillow [S-StaRRRrrr!!!]
3. Koobs Mrow [Jamie]
4. World Within A Planet [Bookworm]
5. Topplethe(us)populus [Mr. E. Berliner feat. Korry Deez of Irs & Psy-Don(e)]
6. The Wait Of Options [Snidley Whiplash]
7. Red Skies [Sir Syntax]
8. Elasticrelations [Retro Mosquito]
9. Stucco [Bookworm]
10. Saturday Night [Mia-Skye]
11. The Debate [Natural]
12. Outro


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