Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dumb - part 1 (LIVE ON FRIDAY)

In 2004 at the legendary Anti-Party minifest my jaw dropped when he stepped on the stage and started rapping. I had never heard of him before (except on a Kiltit Ihmiset tape). It hadn't gone more than a minute of his first song when I pushed through the crowd and ran to the encounter at the door to buy the last copy of his first solo tape.

This is the first post about my favorite lyricist, Finland's finest - Dumb.

Dumb is a member of crews such as Four Eyes, Blue Phantoms Network, Pigeonheads and Rillipäät, and during the years circa '04-'07 he put out several incredibly dope underground solo releases - including a book of poetry.

In around '07 dubstep took over the country and a lot of cats went on following heavy basslines. Dumb went there too with his old buddy Neveready and they made a lot of success there.

But Dumb is back with the rap.

The loooooong awaited (first official) album "Paperwrists" will be released later on this year. It was originally supposed to be released as a double-tape many years ago.

He will also be performing a mini-show this Friday in Helsinki Poetry Jam @ Cafe Mascot!!
It will be only a 10-minute performance among other poets, but it's definitely worth going since it's a rare opportunity to see Dumb perform live.

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