Tuesday, April 20, 2010

R.I.P. Tony Da Skitzo

Tomorrow, on 21st of April, it will be exactly one year since the legendary west coast MC Tony Da Skitzo (Anthony Davenport) committed suicide by ingesting poison.
If you wanna know about Skitzo's last thoughts and things that lead to his suicide, go to http://www.myspace.com/ogvigilanthony. It's a site managed by a friend of his and there's some last writings by Skitzo.

Some of my favorite tracks:
Let's Drift (Split Decision 12", 1998)
Who U Talkin' 2 (Who U Talkin' 2 12", 1995)
Man On (Who U Talkin' 2 12", 1995)
Parlez Moi' (Milky Wayne Presents - Homesick [The Way We Were 95-98] CD, 2002)

Couple rare vids:

Tony Da Skitzo - Are You Crazy (The Next Chapter -compilation album, 1995)

Swollen Members feat. Tony Da Skitzo, Mr. Brady & Mixmaster Mike - Paradise Lost (12", 1998)

Tony Da Skitzo - Pimpin' Comprehension: The Backroad EP (1995) CD
Tony Da Skitzo - The Good, the Bad, the Skitzo (2005) CD


  1. pimpin comprehension' ft. tony da skitzo if anyone can get and post here.

  2. Here's The Good, Bad, Skitzo. Holy shit, I didn't even know he'd passed. Damn ......


  3. thanks a lot for posting the link, dotquan!

    good news, skitzo is NOT DEAD!

    check the newer post:

  4. Im so sorry.. i was unaware for so many years.. I use to listen to him often in the late 90s till drum n bass came into my life.. i slept on hip hop since 2007..

    Molasses and Man On are my favorite tracks..

    you still will be missed Tony Da Skitzo :~(

  5. Plan B, Tony is not dead.
    check out the earlier comment.

  6. You still one o my fav MC's, Tony. Respect. R.A.P.

    I want to support and buy some of his music. How can I get it? He, nor West Coast Avengers is on iTunes. I have an ol crusty recorded cassette tape, but I want a clean digital copy of it.