Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tony Da Skitzo: Split Decision CD (1998)

This CD , released on IPO Wax in 1998, contains bonus tracks not included on the cassette and vinyl versions.

1. Keep Me High (Intro.)
2. THC
3. Hi-To
4. The Grinch
5. Let's Drift
6. Storm Brewing
7. Parles Moi (Interlude)
8. Hard & Soft
9. Ask No Question
10. Low Down And Janky
11. Man On Remix
12. Low Down And Janky Remix

password: ghettostyles

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

R.I.P. Tony Da Skitzo

Tomorrow, on 21st of April, it will be exactly one year since the legendary west coast MC Tony Da Skitzo (Anthony Davenport) committed suicide by ingesting poison.
If you wanna know about Skitzo's last thoughts and things that lead to his suicide, go to It's a site managed by a friend of his and there's some last writings by Skitzo.

Some of my favorite tracks:
Let's Drift (Split Decision 12", 1998)
Who U Talkin' 2 (Who U Talkin' 2 12", 1995)
Man On (Who U Talkin' 2 12", 1995)
Parlez Moi' (Milky Wayne Presents - Homesick [The Way We Were 95-98] CD, 2002)

Couple rare vids:

Tony Da Skitzo - Are You Crazy (The Next Chapter -compilation album, 1995)

Swollen Members feat. Tony Da Skitzo, Mr. Brady & Mixmaster Mike - Paradise Lost (12", 1998)

Tony Da Skitzo - Pimpin' Comprehension: The Backroad EP (1995) CD
Tony Da Skitzo - The Good, the Bad, the Skitzo (2005) CD

Monday, April 19, 2010

Supermarket: Dump Koch (1996)

Another classic slept-on underground album from yesterday's radiosession. Supermarket, a hiphop group from Arizona, released this cd back in 1996. Apparently this was their only album as a crew and went under the radar for some reason.. Jimi the Mantis Claw and Brandon B later collaborated with well known west coast artists, so their names might ring a bell.. but in case you missed this album do yourself a favor and check it out.

1. Intro
2. 9 Items Or Less
3. Connect Four
4. MC Tasty Awards
5. True Feelings
6. Vibe Killers
7. When I Get Signed
8. This Ones For The Club Scene
9. Milk Carton Kids
10. Hardest G's Are Still Alive
11. Peaceful Recommendations
12. Specialists
13. Automatic Rapper Machine
14. Frontal Lobe Piercing (feat. Puma)
15. Calvin Speaks
16. Many Many Ways
17. G Floes
18. The Supermarket Experience (Freestyle)
19. Time Rhymer

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Feenom Cicle: Prescriptions (1998)

From today's radiosession, the debute release by the Feenom Circle. According to an interview on, 2000 copies of this were distributed hand-to-hand, only in cassette format. The Feenom is Rawj, Sidebee, Tope 1, Boog and DJ Panic.
Proper studio quality sound. Very nice.
1. Precriptions
2. Masters Of Ceremony
3. Time Out
4. Blue Home
1. Floatin'
2. Most Dominant
3. Universal Life Science

Here's also a video they did from a song on their later album, "Souled Seperately":

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


alright, an introduction to let y'all know what this blog is about (tryinna keep it short):

in short term, what you'll find here is "undergroud" hip hop. although "underground", especially when used in the sense of hip hop, is a word that i usually try avoiding due to it being pretty controversial. i guess the more neutral way of saying would be "underground sound", 'cos then you ain't gotta debate about who's underground and who's not...

there will be lots of "rare stuff" here, but that ain't the whole point. good music is always good music and so on...

and who's we? we're me, Moonlit Man aka Tatu, a long-time music maker and a dj and whatnot; and Kaliyuga also known as Pikku-Jukka, an even a longer-time record collector and producer.

this blog will be containing underground sound from the States and Canada, and from Finland. and yo! lots of Finnish is stuff is also in english, so foreign subscribers, don't be skipping them posts about Finnish stuff, y'errrd?
as a matter of fact, this is the first and only place in the whole web where you'll also find Finnish underground rarities. and ofcourse, as for music outside this country, we try not to post much stuff that has been posted elsewhere.

in addition, one of the main objectives of this blog is to run together and support the Ghetto Tyylit radioshow (on Bassoradio, 102,8mhz, every second Sunday 4pm-8pm), Ghetto Tyylit monthly club (at Beatroot, Helsinki, on the last Wednesday of each month) and the website/forum.

yeah... i think that's the plan in a nutshell.
may good music be heard and underground sound rise again.

ps. all contributions of this type of music are welcome!