Friday, December 17, 2010

Webstore open!

Dumb's album "Paperwrists" came out today,
and I thought it's finally about time to put all our releases in one place.

More new music to come there, and also used records.
It's right here or on the left hand side under "Pages":

Keep checking!

Ps. that new logo was designed by Khid. We will put that on t-shirts.


Monday, December 13, 2010

Neveready - Postcard From Haarlem

I was supposed to post this two weeks ago when I played this mix on the air.

This is a minimix by homie Neveready (Foureyes crew) who's currently residing in Haarlem, Holland. These are his tracks, and boy, I gotta say, they are diamonds!
Before I got the playlist for this, I was listening to it like "wow, where did he find these tracks! I want em!" and only later I realised that they were his tracks.
I'm really proud to be a Finn right now, having this kind of music made here.

Postcard from Haarlem, minimix by Neveready.

Neveready - Old Photos (Punkdrummer re-visit)
Neveready - Spiritual Revolution
Oddkid - Rainshine & Sunfall (Haarlem Version)
Neveready - Up in Haarlem
Neveready - Untitled
Neveready - Under...Ground (Cant Sleep)

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Radio w/ DJ Kridlokk

Me & Iwere played for the first hour,
and the second hour was by our special guest DJ Kridlokk
who came in with mad & rare Memphis styles.
Now, if you don't know about Memphis yet,
some true underground gangsta sound have come out of that area in the 90's.
Southern style with that real ghetto sound, really dirty and rugged
'cos ain't none of them had no money for cd-burners and studio equipment, i guess,
so it's all fourtracker and cassette shit. Quick and rhythmic rapping on slow beats, you know how it is. This that shit you never ever hear on radio!
Also a brand new yet unreleased track by our favorite Finnish character Eevil Stöö.

And don't forget, this Thursday Blue Phantoms Network is proud to present "Paperwrists" album by Dumb. Only on CD and very limited. More info of that later.

1. Darkleaf - Alkemy
2. Bedouins - When Did I Die?
3. Emanon - Death Becomes Me
4. Dave Dub & Zest The Smoker - No Photos
5. Zest The Smoker - Max Murder
6. E.I.M. - Planet Rhyme
7. Kirby Dominant - Snow
8. Aegiz - I Saw
9. Enigmatical feat Nadasdi - Drowning (Remix) - Out Of The Blue Crew
10. Misto Soon - Never Alone
11. Peshi - Royal Hunter
12. J-Bizness feat LMNO - Be
13. Nommo Collective / Jahsun Edmonds - Masta Thy Universe
14. Declaime - Gangsta - Someothaship
15. The Nonce - Who Falls Apart - Wild West
16. Microbe - Äänetön Tuuli
17. DJ Spanish Fly - Yeah Nigga
18. Project Pat - F**k A Bitch ft. Juicy J
19. Primo - Orange Mound Killaz
20. Lil Ramsey - Bitch It's A hold Up ft Tommy Wright III
21. Black Mafia - Black Mafia Niggas
22. 196 Clique - No More Mr. Niceguy
23. Eevil Stöö
24.Lady J - All About
25. DJ Paul - Fuck DJ Squeeky ft Skinny Pimp & Homicide
26. Ruff Draft - Gangsta Walk
27. Tommy Wright III - Style Stealaz ft. Ten Wanted Men
28. Dumb - Running With Scissors

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Radio w/ Mattip

I finally had the honor to have Mattip over.
He rapped three songs live and played some of his old unreleased 4-track songs from '97-'99 and some upcoming songs from his Teeth project. Really sweet!
Me and Ameba played selections.
Oh, I also played an exclusive 15-minute mix by Neveready. I will get y'all a separate link and playlist for that later.
And some upcoming stuff from the Blue Phantoms Network label.

1. Mattip - FGM Anthem 1999
2. Awol One - Cold Feets
3. Zion I - Trippin'
4. Manson Family - 2 Much
5. Odessa Kane - Les Miserables
6. DJ Murge f/ Eligh & Basik - What It Used To Be
7. Mattip - Redefinition Of Silent Treatment LIVE
8. Teeth - CNT
9. Teeth - Anna Latautua
10. Mattip - Get Shit Done LIVE
11. Mattip - Mobbin
12. Teeth / Mattip - Shawty / FGM Anthem LIVE
13. Teeth - Low Cut Champagne
14. Mattip - 18 Months
15. Neveready - Postcard From Haarlem Ghetto -mix
16. Tech Lab - BC vs BC
17. Moonlit Man - Diaries In Flames
18. Ameba - Pitstop
19. Dudley Perkins - Your Soul
20. Moonlit Man - Immortal Satellites
21. Daniel Johnston - True Love Will Find You in the End
22. Busdriver - Countdown f/ Ellay Khule
23. G.PAC - Any Comments
24. Odessa Kane - Only Moments Left
25. Righteous Brothers, The - Turbulance
26. Emanon - Blind Individuals
27. Nadasdi - Drowning
28. Kaliyuga Pro - Foolof

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Radio w/ Ameeba & Microbe

Even with short notice cancellation of the original guest I was supposed to have for this Sunday, it still ended up being a good show with the Deep Water / Syvä Vesi -guys, Microbe & Ameeba.

1. The Nonce - Check Book
2. Sach - Sucka Look At Me Mean f/ Yusef Afloat & Aceyalone
3. Escape Artists - Congress Of Crow
4. Escape Artists - Asterisk Fetish
5. Escape Artists - of Ticks & Gods
6. Overfiends - Combine The Crew f/ Subtitle, Lewdy, Space, Life Rexall
7. Elusive - Process f/ The Grouch, Pep Love, PSC
8. Vooodu - One Life To Live
9. The Grouch - Drain Me
10. Joe Dub & Factor - Daydream f/ Kay The Aquanaut, Topic & Chaps
11. Jean Grae - Live 4 You
12. Eligh - Everyday
13. 3 Melancholic Gypsies - Sunsprayed
14. Orko - Under Attak (Everybodies)
15. Shamen 12 - Feed Your Thoughts
16. Spex - (no title, of "That Was Then... This is How" -cassette)
17. The Basics - Rise and Shine
18. Jendor - Mirrored Reality
19. Jun Dax - Confined Gossip f/ Topik, Ija, Jus 1-0
20. El Uno - La La Princessa
21. Mr. Aeks - Breeze f/ Zest The Smoker
22. Subtitle - Boys Don't Cry 2K
23. Brother Boney - Winter Poem
24. Sageone (Ameba) & Minnylee - We Make Things Click
25. Brother Boney - Ryse
26. Outkast - The art of the story telling part 2
27. M-Fusion f/ Existereo - Cautions Thunder
28. Basik - Hooodshit
29. Mystik Journey feat. Rino - Escape forever
30. Ameba f/ Mattip - Broken
31. Free Moral Agents - Lay Down

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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Radio w/ Iwere

This Sunday it was me & Iwere, just easy two hours playing dope tracks.
I loved it.

Iwere always plays such of awesome cuts that I've usually not even heard before. Or it's always something like a rare leopard that I've been hunting for that makes me go "AAGH MUTHAFUKA YOU GOT THIS!!". Like that 1st Down cut that he played, one of the first joints featuring J Dilla, that he bought in '95 when it came out. Goddammit, man! Why wasn't I born earlier... ;D¨

Though I gotta say, that Zagu Brown joint that I played, is EFFIN SICK!! Just wanna listen to it again and again. That Bedouins track too. It effin blew my mind yesterday when I found that tape from one of my cassette boxes at my parents' house. Didn't know I had it, haha!

I played a new track that I made last Thursday night. A demo, recorded in my livingroom, track 25.

Check this fly shit:

1. SFC - Phat
2. Down South - Southern Comfort
Big Beat
3. 1st Down - Front Street
4. 50 Grand & Peanut Butter Wolf - Max Mode
5. Persevere - Deep Sleep (Peanut Butter Wolf Remix)
6. Madchild - Like A Tech
Massive Brings
7. Eyedl Mode - End Of The Innocence
Bomb Hip Hop
8. Eyecue - Dirt Hustlin
Mary Joy
9. Whoridas - Townshit (f/ Saafir)
10. Sub-Conscious - Pushin Orbitz
11. Supernatural - Buddah Blessed It
12. Vooodu - Southern California Nites
13. Scienz Of Life - YIKES!!! (f/ MF Doom)
14. Eligh - One Day (f/ Rick Rick)
15. Moonshine - The Sad Sombrero Song
16. Private School - Typically All Over You
17. Medusa & Fat Jack - How We Become One
18. Mint - Phaser
19. Inoe Oner & Ivan Jahn - Whatever Makes You Happy
20. Tarica June - Let It Go
21. Erule - Deepest Thoughts
22. LMNO & Shaydie - Predictable Contradictions
23. Subtitle - What Is The Point
B.e.a.r. Group
24. Lady J - Triple Tounge
25. Moonlit Man - Tape Shit (Demo)
26. Ghetto Chilldren - Equilibrium
27. Xololanxinxo - SHE
28. Charizma - Cut The Play
29. Sidus Idiom - In This Crazy Place
30. Zagu Brown - ? (f/ Xololanxinxo, John John)
31. Bedouins - Ghetto Input
32. The Roots - Silent Treatment (Kelo's Mix)
33. P.E.A.C.E. - Connected Functions
34. Hi-Tech & J-Treads - Weak Minds

Mediafire link
Password: ghettotyylit

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tony Da Skitzo is not dead?

Last April I wrote a memorial post of the one-year anniversary of Tony Da Skitzo's death.

Apparently he is not dead.

I first got this knowledge from the Discogs page on Skitzo. Then a Google search lead me to a Myspace site where is a lot of material concenring Skitzo's death, incl. suicide notes.

Usually you hear about rappers' death from around the web instantly and a little later you hear it on songs and read the RIP on album covers. None of that has been going on.

The latest evidence prooving the opposite is apparently Mr. Brady's, who is a friend of Skitzo, comments on a bunch of Skitzo's Youtube videos. Here's his profile and the vids.

Maybe it's a joke or a bad rumor but it pretty much seems that Skitzo is alive. Which is great! Let's just hope that he still makes music too. he does here:

Maxwell: MAXimum WELLbeing (1996)

Debut release by Josh Martinez from 1996/1997, when he was still known as Maxwell. Features Kunga219 (of The Goods), and production by DJ Moves.
[Note: this is a low quality 128kbps mp3 ripped from the original cassette version, for preview purpose only. The EP is available for purchase at camobear or itunes store]

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Finnish Rap Special, Episode I

Me and Puisto-Osasto both played two 30-minute sets.
Some really exclusive tracks there, incl. a pre-Ceebrolistics track from the early 90's.
I only got to play 1/4 of what I had planned to play but they'll be saved for next time.

Moonlit, set 1:
Rudy - Miami Unelmointia
Maniac Mansion - Baga Ulf (BB Gun)
Iwere - Second Hand Shop
Forbidden Forest - (?)
Ameba - My Music
Microbe - Monestikohan f/ Ameba

Puisto-osasto, set 1:
Dream - Sleep For Just (Sleepy sicknes part 2)
Kontrasti - Kontrasti
the Beathoven - Tänäpä sano
Jotai hiluu - Minä ja kuulokkeet
Jus Aname feat. Logic - Harhailu

Moonlit, set 2:
Kiltit Ihmiset - Paskemmin f/ Karri Koira (unreleased)
Kiltit Ihmiset - (Untitled) f/ Roopek & Dumb
Dumb - Shotgun Karaoke (OG version)
Tonedial - Different Kinds Of Lives
Boney Bro - Burger Trend
Lommo - Moon Lommo
DJ Kridlokk - Kuse Viuluus f/ SLTF & Tuuttimörkö
Murmurecordings - (unreleased untitled 1999)
Ceebrolistics - Spring (1995)
True Brotha Gospelaz (pre-Ceebrolitics) - (unreleased, dub version)*

Puisto-osasto, set 2:
Kova K ja Ydinryhmä - Älä osta mitään
Kapteeni Ä-ni - Massi täys mazq
Juhani - Mun mankka (2. versio)
Lost Cause - It's all happenin'
Vähäiset äänet - Meil on rakkautta
Lempi joe - Sua kaipaan
Children of the sun - From the sun

*can't reveal the name, sorry guys.

Get it here

Monday, October 11, 2010


Me & my good friend DJ Tunne did a 90-minute mixtape of our favorite Finnish music in 2005.
I think it's a fine mix, the best one I've ever done.

My side includes some of my all-time favorite joints of which many are previously unreleased.

Tunne's side is a nice cross-section of different styles of hip hop. Some electronic/experimental stuff in there too.

This is for y'all to prepare yourselves for the radio show next Sunday. It's gonna be me and Puisto-osasto, "Finland Special, Part 1"

SIDE A (TAT200):
INTRO (live: murmur "frustrated" / suncode "stormy weather" / ceebro "ug-tango")
(feat. rudy & pijall, prod. by jahtaja & rudy)
kiltit ihmiset - osa 2/3 vaikeet ajat, 2000-2003 (cassette)
ftw specials vol 1 (cassette)
mustaa valkoisella, 1999 (cassette)
(feat. dumb)
stoned to the bone, 2004 (CD)
(feat. rudy)
kiltit ihmiset OG 2000-2004 (cassette)
a day of the people in between (LP)
julkaisematon, 2002
prod. by neveready
(feat. iwere, ameba & microbe)
prod. by kali yuga pro
(unreleased, 2003)
KALI YUGA PRO (untitled)
rajneesh to the rescue (CD)

roman sheriff_run
-roman sheriff - belarus cd 2005
dubbing mixers_darling for patients
-dubbing mixers - muuttoautomusaa 7" 2004
-ceebrodukshons - homeless beats (cd 1997)
-square - a full spectrum of 3d-colour 12" 2003
maniac mansion_drag'em to the river
-maniac mansion - collection plate (cd 2003)
-pijall - the cave (LP 1999)
don johnson big band_burn de microphones
-don johnson big band - support de microphones (cd 1999)
basic things_everlasting chase of money and fame
-basic things (7" 2000)
tonedial_God can
-tonedial - ep (cd 2005)
mattipee_hush [for lovers]
-mattipee - kingsong (10" 2003)
giant robot_soundcheck
-giant robot - helsinki rock city (12" 1999)
live animation_biisit pitää tehdä aikanaan
-live animation - unreleased (casette 2002)
ceebrolistics_tilt eruption
-ceebrolistics - 0. ep (LP 2001)

A-side - TAT200
B-side - Tunne
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Monday, October 4, 2010

Nowfolk (part 1): Style Gangstas (1999)

Moka Only & Ishkan as style gangsters, the first part in their Nowfolk series, from 1999. Their second album "The Moon" (which came in 2002) had a more polished sound, this first one is for the underground heads.

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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Radio w/ Plankton

This session was with the Anti-Party underground grandmaster, Plankton.

A lot of songs that I've ever played on this show are thanks to two things/people:
Kali Yuga's music "library" & Plankton's mixtapes. His mixtapes are like the guide to the whole genre.

All songs that I played were straight from cassettes, no rips. So you can hear the "click" of play and stop buttons. I think my ripping days are over.

This might just be the best show this far, dj-wise,
starting with my set:
1. DJ Honda - For Every Day That Goes By (f. Rawcotiks)
2. Foreign Legion - Full-time B-Boy
3. Megabusive - Sergaent Shitface
4. Eastside Badstads - Enemy Lines
5. The Grouch - Mr. Invisible
6. Aura - Chameleon Age
7. Tommy V. - Soarin'
8. Radioinactive - Shopping List
9. Mystik Journeymen - Walkman Invaders
10. Eclipse 427 - Pressure Point
11. Gershwin - Can You Hear Me
12. Aura & Randy - Land Of The Shadow
13. Basik - What U Ever Control?
14. Global Phlowtations - Outlooks
15. Emanon - Blind Individuals
16. Jizzm - Goodbye

Plankton's set:
17. Tenshun - Suicide Note In D Minor
18. Megabusive - The Beat
19. Subtitle - Ultrasique
20. Subtitle - Pill Pop
21. Anacron - My Other Pair
22. The Disturbers - Cloudy Day Girl
23. Third Sight - Hostage
24. Adura - Adura
25. Axeom - Vibrations
26. Kennuf Akbar - (untitled of album Prelude)
27. Tony Da Skitzo - Man On
28. Anti-Party People - (untitled unreleased)
29. P.E.A.C.E. & Pijall - (freestyle '98)*
30. Anti-Party People - Fuck Up The Sound

*The story behind this song goes roughly this way:
Roopek (back then known as Esaar), Pijall and Plankton were in the Bay in '98 (just when Ceebrolistics "Dayofthepeopleinbetween" album had come out), and they recorded six hours of freestyles over Roope's beats with various local emcees. I think they were at Ab Rude's house and people kept coming and going and grabbing the mic. Like, the whole time people came over like "oh you guys are recording? Cool, can I rap some?"

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Radio w/ Tono Slono

today's guest was (oh shit I forgot to take a picture) Tono Slono of Vähäiset Äänet.
really nice tracks and some exclusives by the man.
nothing to say really, it was fun and we pumped it!

here's the playlist. there's one track between 9 and 10 which I don't know what it is:
1. Spaceboy Boogie X - Underground sound feat. Styles Of Beyond
2. Emanon - Acid Nine
3. Raw Produce - Cycles
4. Nadasdi - Nadaism
5. Grand Puba - A Lilttle Of This (Shuga Remix)
6. Usephasan - Chemistry Teraqueus
7. Animal Pharm - Still Nobody Knows
8. Heather B - Takin Mine
9. Pep Love - Pacific Heights
10. Tono Slono - Kuppikunnat (Aksim Remix)
11. Rifleman - Project Blowed
12. Chebaleba - Ota Iisii feat Tono Slono
13. Pulupäät - 2010 feat. Dumb, Neveready, Square, Khid, Ameeba, Roopek, Moonlit Man
14. Manson Family - Bar None
15. Gangsta Pat - I Wanna Smoke
16. Mattip - Mobbin'
17. Mattip - Redefinition Of Silent Treatment
18. Mystik Journeymen - CHO CHO
19. Mystik Journeymen - Depths Of Survival
20. Bored Stiff - Livin Right
21. Bored Stiff - The Soil
22. Vähäiset Äänet - Keikkabiisi
23. Vähäiset Äänet - Talos Tms
24. Tono Slono - Huuliharppu Blues feat. Super Janne
25. Olli PA - Syke
26. Olli PA - Analog
27. The Nonce - Mixtapes (Remix)
28. The Roots - Doyouwantmore?!
29. Hardwere - The Pressure*
30. Tono Slono & Dena Hena - Eteenpäin Remix

*that Hardwere track is hella rare, and friggin unbelieveble! only on this mixtape (discogs).

get the show here
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just had to post this seperately, I love this song (thanks to Kali Yuga for originally hittin me up with this):

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Radio w/ Microbe

on the air with Microbe of Syvä Vesi.
he brought in a double-deck cassette player and we both played some tapes, wax too. before i've just played rips from a laptop. this felt much doper tho.
some really good and rare tracks in this episode! and some bangers too ;).

1. I Smooth 7 - For the love of the ghetto
2. Dj D - World Goes On (DK Toon & Nina Lorin)
3. Natalie Umbruglia - Leave Me (Portishead remix)
4. Hive - Practice in Stillness
5. DJ Eli & Shan Boogs - And So Kiddies (feat. Cage)
6. Murs feat. Asop,Eligh.TS - Clockwork
7. Eligh feat. PSC - Blue collar
8. Eligh - Metro camouflage
9. Eligh - Elec.trickman
10. The 1628 Factor - Given you a rundown
11. The English League - Sharks teeth
12. Megabusive - Just cuzz
13. Narcoleptic Symposium - Polyphonic feat the "L" of IND
14. Nadasdi & Rodan - Moonwalkers
15. Fabsoul & Prosperous - Say Nothing
16. Porter & Daniel Stoltz - Floating In The Solaris Ocean
17. 12c - 12c Vetää Perccn feat. Eevil Stöö, Rudy & Toukasmouka
18. The Rappers (Jeff Spec & Moka Only) - Off My Lightah feat. Ishkan & Orko
19. Moka Only - Your Way
20. Optimus Rhymes - Writing His Story
21. Self Scientific - Return
22. The Kraken - Whisper in the Wind
23. The Nonce - Mix tapes
24. Luniz - I got 5 on it
25. Junior M.A.F.I.A - Get money
26. The West Coast Scavengers feat. Radioinactive - Begging for change
27. The Weather / Daedelus, Radionactive & Busdriver - Name Forgetter
28. Ellay Khule - Skillenium
29. Priest - Mind Control
30. Sir Menelik - So Intelligent f. Kool Keith
31. Hi-Tech & J-Treads - Weak Minds
32. Sach - Suckas Play My Back
33. Visionaries - Blessings
34. Audiopharmacy - Miles


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Radio w/ Kylmä

this time my guest was the crew Kylmä (Khid, Lommo & J Riskit), known from the Finnish grime rap and dubstep scene. they all did verses and songs and sounded tight as a mafucka.

Khid also played some records and talked about music on the first hour. on the second hour they did somewhat 30 minutes of live rapping.

great show and great artists. very dope!

my selections:
Awol One - Sunday Morning
Fat Jack - Diva's Den (ft. S.I.N., Medusa & Koko)
Homeliss Derilex - Cool Baby (Encore & Grand V 1993)
Rifleman - Homestyle
Masters of the Universe - Mind In Purgatory
Atom 12 - Devilz Advocate
Shamen 12 - Where I'm At
Inoe 1 - Hot Love
Orko - Rhyme Rate

khid on the wheels:
Elusive - How Could I Ever feat. Asop
Eligh - Ninenty Nine Outers
Labwaste - Dope Beat
Labwaste - Internal Science (Jogger RMX)
Ellay Khule - Fuck A Cop
Gangsta Pat - I'd Rather
Dj Sound - Kicking In Doors
Tommy Wright III - Sewed Up


my selections again:
Sabotawjyostyle - Saturate Da Undaground feat. Orko & Odessa Kane
Sach - Illustrations feat. Zagu Brown
Inoe Oner - Days At A Time feat. Ivan Jon, Ambush & Adlib
West Kraven - Put It Down Tight
Eclipse & Khaleedah - Give Me The Mic
Khid - Untitled

get it here

Radio - Freestyle Megashow

this is episode was the s-h-i-t! dope as fuck!

a special four-hour freestyle show.

on the mic we had:
jesse/ekow (megaphone state)
neveready (hämeentie15b cypher / foureyes)
dumb (hämeentie15b cypher / foureyes)
tuuttimörkö (hämeentie15b cypher / sntc-fam)
eibou (hämeentie15b cypher)
ameeba (forbidden forest / syvä vesi)
iwere (children of the sun)
square (children of the sun)
tono slono (vähäiset äänet)
roopek (ceebrolistics)
teeshortie (tonedial)
khid/kridlokk (kylmä)
moonlit man (ghetto styles)
+ puisto-osasto playing some beats & songs.

i was worried that people might not come or that they'd be too nervous to rap but the show turned out the be great. i think the dopest part was at the end when roopek started playing beats. other beat players were me, ameeba and puisto-osasto. eibou, square and i did some scratching as well.


part 1
part 2

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Radio w/ Pijall

On july 25th, with Pijall a.k.a. Michael Black Electro, the legendary MC from the crew Ceebrolistics.

We played some insane unreleased tracks by the Murmur-crew featuring Orko, Subtitle, Nadasdi... those that fans have been dying to hear since the dawn of ages.
Pijall also did a couple songs live and some freestyling. We played tracks back to back. Great episode!! "EXCLUSIIIIVE"

Get it here
, playlist comin' up.

Radio w/ Jalien

On july 11th, featuring DJ Jalien aka DJ Awo.

Playlist coming up, download the show here.

Friday, July 2, 2010


Some of my all-time favorite underground joints are by Anacron from back in the day (such as "Need", "Good Friday" and "My Other Pair") . He's probably gon be the next Aloe Blacc-like being such a musical super talent nowadays... But peep this:

All the Anacron albums listed and many available for free downloading on his own website right chea'.

Although a few links have gone old, there's still a lot of stuff definitely worth downloading. The dude has even composed a score and soundtrack for some theater series. Dang!

I especially recommend downloading the Nite Owl EP, We Smile! : The Anacron Ep's (1994-1997) and Manoemusicc Productions. The first two are classics, the third one is newer.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Radio w/ Iwere & Ameeba

Iwere & Ameeba hosted the show as I was out of town.

1. Eagle Nebula - Funny (Hiphop)
2. Flying Lotus - Breathe Something
3. Medusa - It's A Gift
4. Great Scott - Fallen Star
5. Prefuse 73 feat Mikah 9 - Life Death
6. K-the-I??? & Mestizo - Man Or Machine
7. Adlib - Gangsta Muzik
8. Sach - Suckas Play My Back
9. Global Phlowtations - Hard Work
10. Himself - Summer In The City (Remiccs)
11. Midnight Voices - Just For The Radio
12. Epic & Nomad - I Want Peace
13. Aceyalone - Keep It True
14. Abstract Rude - Im Just Livin
15. Open Mike Eagle - Art Rap Party
16. Lil B - The Age Of Information
17. Maleko & Raj - Peaceful Warrior
18. Pep Love - Pacific Heights
19. G&E - Old Souls ft. Blu
20. Atban Klann - Puddles Of H2O
21. Bodysnatchaz - On A Sunday (Stepped/On Remix)
22. Kankick - Pensive (Kanstrumental)
23. Forbidden Forest - One Way Ticket
24. Contraband ft. Devin the Dude - Electronic World
25. Abstract Rude & Tribe Unique - Family Affair
26. Superjanne - Kaikille Teille
27. Ameeba ft. Pijall - Yksinkertaista
28. 2Mex - Naive Melody
29. Finsta Bundy - Dont Stress Tomorrow

Note: Atban Klann! Get the Grass Roots album here. That's pre-Black Eyed Peas stuff. Really dope!

Get the show here.

Next episode with Jalien (of Blue Phantoms Network) aka DJ Awo.
After that, on 25th of July, with Roopek (of Ceebrolistics and Murmurecordings).

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Social Deviantz: Essential Mental Nutrients (1996)

Debut album by Social Deviantz, from Vancouver. A-Train and Fatbone on the mic, with quality production from Junya.

1. Untitled
2. Citywide
3. Sol's Favrit Beat
4. Salaam
5. Seams Of Green Seeming
6. The Opposite Of Light
7. Swinging In The Alley
8. Long Range Shifter
9. Images Satisfy Melody
10. Agenda
11. Herbanomadz
12. Afrotation
13. Self Defeater
14. Automatic Transmission
15. Slick With The Easeback

Friday, June 18, 2010

Bookworm: Paying For The Trip (200_?)

Bookworm's second solo album, recorded in early 2000 (?). This was going to be released on cd with a bonus ep included, but was eventually cancelled. Luckily he made it available on mp3 for a limited time, so here it is for anyone who missed it.

1. Intro
2. Unearthly Sickness
3. Beer Too
4. Misinterpretation (feat. J-StaRRRrrr!!!)
5. Tuning You (feat. India & E. Chan)
6. Utopian (Interlude)
7. The King & I (feat. Psy)
8. Confusion
9. Distant Earth (feat. Snidley Whiplash)
10. Pacing (Interlude)
11. Getting At A Vibe (feat. Franco)
12. The Awkward Dynasty (feat. Oddities & Pangea Project)
13. Forked (Bicoastal) (feat. J-StaRRRrrr!!!)
14. Fraggle Rock
15. Outro


Bookworm / Sprawlic Stream: Rites Of Passage (1999)

Sprawlic Stream aka Bookworm's first solo album from 1999. The cd also contains a "bonus mini ep" (tracks 20 to 24).

1. Intro
2. Rites Of Passage
3. Those Few That Live
4. Trickherhappy
5. Ice-soscoles
6. Feverish
7. Flubug
8. Newsflash
9. Xetrov
10. Mandate Of Heaven
11. Tubetied
12. Descrptive Sense
13. Metric System
14. Stranger Things
15. Omnipotent Stratus
16. Unsure Tomorrows
17. Outro
18. empty track
19. empty track
20. Bonusintro
21. Atlantis
22. The Piper
23. Fourwords View
24. Bonusoutro


Bookworm / Oddities: Claustrophonics (1998)

This cd contains early material by members of the Oddities crew (with some special quests). Produced and released by Bookworm (of Oddities/Awkward Why?), track 11 co-produced by Natural (of Dynasty).

1. Intro [Sir Syntax]
2. Nipple Pillow [S-StaRRRrrr!!!]
3. Koobs Mrow [Jamie]
4. World Within A Planet [Bookworm]
5. Topplethe(us)populus [Mr. E. Berliner feat. Korry Deez of Irs & Psy-Don(e)]
6. The Wait Of Options [Snidley Whiplash]
7. Red Skies [Sir Syntax]
8. Elasticrelations [Retro Mosquito]
9. Stucco [Bookworm]
10. Saturday Night [Mia-Skye]
11. The Debate [Natural]
12. Outro


Supreme Being Unit: Mental Reverse / Spiritual Rebirth (1997)

S.B.U.'s second album from 1997. Released on cd and cassette (also a 12" vinyl EP). Beats provided by Kelron, so you know it's bangin'

1. Psychokinetic Forces Two
2. Pleasures Of The Flesh
3. Mild Dose Of Tranquility (A Capella Thoughts)
4. The Powers That Be
5. Special F/X
6. Behold The Untold
7. Drowning And Sinking
8. When The Beast Is In The House (A Capella Thoughts)
9. We Shall Overcome
10. Welcome To The Concentration Camp
11. Psychokinetic Forces Three
12. Nobody's Ready!!
13. Exodus
14. Forget Your Limits
15. When It Gets To The Roach
16. My Transporter Room
17. The Last Laugh
18. This Might Be It
19. The Time Has Come
20. Nothing Like Relaxing
21. I, Cutslinger The Vinyl Vigilante
22. The Glorious Thrysight/Saraph
23. The Archangel Finale

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Supreme Being Unit: The First Great Pyramid (1996)

More classic Nextraterrestrials material.. the debut release by S.B.U. (twin brothers Mindbender and Conspiracy), originally released on cassette in 1996.
The beats are most likely produced by Kelron..

1. Sometimes I Amaze Myself
2. A Word Of Caution
3. Freestyles And Fistfights
4. All Inside Your Head
5. Heavy Rotation
6. Complicated But Simple
7. Unpredictable
8. Sudden Death Overtime
9. Psychokinetic Forces

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Nextraterrestrials: The Coda Quota (1999)

Another slept-on album, from Canada. To my knowledge this was never "officially" released, and still remains unknown.. featuring raps by Mr.I/O, Kotep Omegatron, Wing Able, Stubbs, Aleus etc. and some excellent beats by Kelron Magnanimous.

1. Theories That I Kick
2. Tragedy
3. Dead Again
4. 12:01 AM
5. For The Almighty
6. Soothsayer's Prayer
7. Reign
8. Still Moonlighting
9. Las Vegas
10. Dilemma
11. Beast Of Burden
12. Commitment
13. Alone In The Dark
14. Freestyle Density
15. The Xavier Syndrome
16. Self Serve Us
17. Technobabble
19. Live 4 Tha 99

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Radio w/ Dumb

Today's guest was Dumb of whom I wrote about earlier (a few posts down).

Dumb performed four songs live and we listened to his upcoming album "Paperwrists" and a lot of other stuff that he is on. I also played a lot of Blue Phantom's stuff from three different albums (of which two are yet to come). Get the Blue Phantoms Network - Chapter 1: The Emerging CD! Chapter 2 is out soon. Oh, I also played a few songs by the Pigeonheads which is me & Dumb, our old project for style-rapping... kinda.

All songs were by Finnish artists. Good stuff. Mostly unreleased.

1. Dumb - T V Add It
2. Tonedial - Expressed Loneliness
3. Ukko feat. TAT200 - Paskaa Saundii
4. Erkkikukko & Olavi Nälkä - Nälkäinen Kukko
5. Pigeonheads - Crooked Officers
6. Pigeonheads - Who Is You?
7. Pigeonheads - Pigeons In Yo Hood
8. Blue Phantoms Network - The Hick & The Urbanite feat. TAT200 & Payperwork
9. Blue Phantoms Network - Road Home feat. Dumb & TAT200
10. Blue Phantoms Network - Searching Halos feat. Dumb
11. Blue Phantoms Network - Way Of The Samurai feat. Dumb & TAT200
12. Blue Phantoms Network - Untitled Verse 2 feat. Dumb
13. Blue Phantoms Network - Our Voices (Get up get out) feat. Moonlit, BC Ghost & Konvince
14. Blue Phantoms Network - Lemonade Stand feat. Dumb, Moonlit, Neveready & Iwere
15. Blue Phantoms Network - Daybook feat. Moonlit, Square, Iwere & Jalien
16. Dumb - A Parachute For Two
17. Dumb - Shotgun Karaoke (LIVE)
18. Dumb - Running With Scissors (LIVE)
19. Dumb - Above feat. Moonlit Man
20. Dumb - Unhappy Love Songs
21. Dumb - Dead Bird
22. Dumb - Lights On Lights Off
23. Dumb - Therapist (LIVE)
24. Moonlit Man - Sometimes It Just feat. Dumb (LIVE)
25. Murmurecordings - Blue Livingroom Anthem
26. Kali Yuga - Untitled
27. Mattip - 18 Months
28. Ameeba - Stupidity
29. Kiltit Ihmiset - Untitled feat. Roopek & Dumb
30. Rudy - She Song
31. Payperwork & Andy Gymhill - For A Clock
32. Catch-All - Summer Rain
33. Moonlit Man - Honesty (World Is What We Make It)
34. Korvalappurekords - Huvin Vuoksi

ps. I was quite nervous this time. Dunno why. Maybe it was 'cos I knew I had to rap, and ain't done that live in years. Well, apologies. :)

Monday, May 31, 2010

Radio w/ Iwere

On Sunday 30th of May with the underground master Iwere:

1. Orko - Put It On Cassette f/ Shamen 12
2. Orko - Lifestyle Now
3. Isosceles - I Once Knew You
4. Tech Lab - 2042
5. Artificial Happiness - Tin Faces
6. Justin Morales / Tech Lab - Fury
7. Jizzm & O.D. - Trials & Tribulations
8. S.I.N. (Medusa & Koko Asha) - How To Serve A Man
9. 2Mex - Galileo
10. Zagu Brown, Global Phlowtations - Repeat, Recycle Riddims (Above It All)
11. Emanon - Every Little Thing
12. Moving Objects - Tell Me Something
13. Anacron - Need f/ Astrobwoy
14. Anacron - Good Friday
15. Anacron - My Other Pair
16. Tommy V & Joe Dub - Soul Searching
17. The Cuf - Going To The Land
18. The Cuf - Re-Evolution
19. Murs - Tomorrow
20. Himself - Worth More Than 5
21. Malkovich Music - Old Soul
22. Ras K'Dee - Mother Earth
23. Earleybird - Crazy Horse
24. Dudley Perkins - Misled
25. Vitamin D - Worse Burfday
26. Moka Only - Do Work
27. Dumbfoundead & Abstract Rude (Maestroe on beats) - Glitch Ghost
28. Count Bass D - 7 Years
29. Georgia Anne Muldrow & Declaime - Mind Sages II
30. Peaceful Rotation - Bored Stiff
31. Kankick - Pain,Rain:Misery

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dumb - part 1 (LIVE ON FRIDAY)

In 2004 at the legendary Anti-Party minifest my jaw dropped when he stepped on the stage and started rapping. I had never heard of him before (except on a Kiltit Ihmiset tape). It hadn't gone more than a minute of his first song when I pushed through the crowd and ran to the encounter at the door to buy the last copy of his first solo tape.

This is the first post about my favorite lyricist, Finland's finest - Dumb.

Dumb is a member of crews such as Four Eyes, Blue Phantoms Network, Pigeonheads and Rillipäät, and during the years circa '04-'07 he put out several incredibly dope underground solo releases - including a book of poetry.

In around '07 dubstep took over the country and a lot of cats went on following heavy basslines. Dumb went there too with his old buddy Neveready and they made a lot of success there.

But Dumb is back with the rap.

The loooooong awaited (first official) album "Paperwrists" will be released later on this year. It was originally supposed to be released as a double-tape many years ago.

He will also be performing a mini-show this Friday in Helsinki Poetry Jam @ Cafe Mascot!!
It will be only a 10-minute performance among other poets, but it's definitely worth going since it's a rare opportunity to see Dumb perform live.

Monday, May 17, 2010


On a hot sunny Sunday, May 16th, 2010, with Ameeba.
Summer vibes.

1. Hip Hop Kclan - Everyday Thangz
2. Afterlife (Cipher 7) - Prison Of The Mind
3. Hip Hop Kclan - Massive Meltdown '93
4. Ellay Khule & DK Toon - Sunny Side Up
5. Dj Drez - Come again f. Zaire Black
6. Zion I - What u need
7. Mykill Miers - Crash and burn
8. Bored Stiff (feat.L'roneous) - Something to do
9. Souls of mischief - Step to my girl
10. Bored stiff - Maturity
11. L'roneous - Place called this
12. Blackalicious - Swan Lake
13. Zion I - Mic Jones
14. Emanon - IAMBLAND (4 trak version)
15. SFSM - Lioness
16. Ghetto Children - Court's in session
17. Pijall - Eino Sunshine f. Mattip
18. Nonce - Mix Tapes (1926 Sunday Night Remix)
19. Grouch & Eligh - I know u wanna feel
20. Abstract rude & DK toon - You ain't gotta lie
21. Style Misia - Karma's revenge
22. Deeskee feat La2thebaycrew - Live in the moss beach
23. Mayhem mystics - Rebel music
24. The Suns - Every phase of life
25. Atmosphere - God's bathroom floor
26. Xololanxinxo - Monster Mash
27. Puzoowatt - Tippy-toes
28. Sach - Suckas Look At Me Mean
29. P. Way - My Definition
30. Ameeba - Travellin' man

Check the comments for a fresh link!

Sunday, May 2, 2010


The first broadcast, on Apr 18th 2010, with Ameeba:

May 2nd with Iwere:

April 18th playlist:
1.ceebrolistics - today
2.freestyle fellowship - 7th seal
3.tony da skitzo - molassis feat brady
4.tony da skitzo - storm brewing
5.tony da skitzo - man on
6.substance abuse - no guarantees
7.mixed practice - endlessly
8.mixed practice - jonestown(feat. stiz)
9.eclipse 427 - pressure point
10.audiopharmacy - unkonscience
11.escape artists - legendary feat. 2mex
12.onomatopeia - in(sense)
13.enigmatical feat. nadasdi, misto soon & rodan - ...of constallations
14.abstract tribe unique - slow lights
15.abstract tribe unique - l.a. styles back
16.basic things - think longer talk faster
17.souls of mischief - never no more (76 seville mix)
18.the world after 4/02 - metropolite
19.thavius beck - pressure
20.the feenom circle - universal life science(feat. pen state)
21.the feenom circle - prescriptions
22.subdivision - b.o.r.e.d.
23.evs - slacker
24.g.p.a.c. - dippers
25.greenhouse effect - stay gold
26.supermarket - frontal lobe piercing
27.ameba the moodman - pain
28.animal pharm - vaccine fat jack remix
29.ameba the moodman - stupidity

May 2nd playlist:
1.Rudy - She Song
2.Payperwork - For A Clock
3.Antti & Werd - Places We Remember
4.Stonedar - Turn It (featuring Dumb)
5.Moonlit Man - Soft Grip
6.Moonlit Man - Push 4ward aka Yesss
7.Gonjasufi - Ancestors
8.Georgia Anne Muldrow - Uhuru Flight
9.Alpha MC - Detox
10.Moka Only - Fried Rice
11.Lil B - I'm God
12.Enigmatical & Misto Soon - Suite For The Sweetest Scenary
13.Shock G - Cinnamon Waves
14.SFSM - Inhale Exhale
15.Xololanxinxo - Little Lips
16.Jizzm - Warriors Remix
17.Flave - You Me Curbside
18.Misfitz Ov Stylz - Super Hot
19.Misfitz Ov Stylz - Where The Fuck You At
20.Figures Of Speech - Alpha Omega
21.Cypha 7 - Jump Off The Planet
22.I Smooth 7 - For Da Love Of The Ghetto
23.Dolla Holla - Beautiful Day In The Neighbourhood
24.Inoe Oner & Sach (Name Science) - Suite and Tie Millionaires
25.Tommy V - Memory Lane
26.Deeskee - How Many MC's 08
27.Da Wolfpack - Definition
28.The Whoridas - Keep It Goin'
29.Meen Green - Fat Sacks
30.Ellay Khule - Knuckle Sandwich

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tony Da Skitzo: Split Decision CD (1998)

This CD , released on IPO Wax in 1998, contains bonus tracks not included on the cassette and vinyl versions.

1. Keep Me High (Intro.)
2. THC
3. Hi-To
4. The Grinch
5. Let's Drift
6. Storm Brewing
7. Parles Moi (Interlude)
8. Hard & Soft
9. Ask No Question
10. Low Down And Janky
11. Man On Remix
12. Low Down And Janky Remix

password: ghettostyles

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

R.I.P. Tony Da Skitzo

Tomorrow, on 21st of April, it will be exactly one year since the legendary west coast MC Tony Da Skitzo (Anthony Davenport) committed suicide by ingesting poison.
If you wanna know about Skitzo's last thoughts and things that lead to his suicide, go to It's a site managed by a friend of his and there's some last writings by Skitzo.

Some of my favorite tracks:
Let's Drift (Split Decision 12", 1998)
Who U Talkin' 2 (Who U Talkin' 2 12", 1995)
Man On (Who U Talkin' 2 12", 1995)
Parlez Moi' (Milky Wayne Presents - Homesick [The Way We Were 95-98] CD, 2002)

Couple rare vids:

Tony Da Skitzo - Are You Crazy (The Next Chapter -compilation album, 1995)

Swollen Members feat. Tony Da Skitzo, Mr. Brady & Mixmaster Mike - Paradise Lost (12", 1998)

Tony Da Skitzo - Pimpin' Comprehension: The Backroad EP (1995) CD
Tony Da Skitzo - The Good, the Bad, the Skitzo (2005) CD

Monday, April 19, 2010

Supermarket: Dump Koch (1996)

Another classic slept-on underground album from yesterday's radiosession. Supermarket, a hiphop group from Arizona, released this cd back in 1996. Apparently this was their only album as a crew and went under the radar for some reason.. Jimi the Mantis Claw and Brandon B later collaborated with well known west coast artists, so their names might ring a bell.. but in case you missed this album do yourself a favor and check it out.

1. Intro
2. 9 Items Or Less
3. Connect Four
4. MC Tasty Awards
5. True Feelings
6. Vibe Killers
7. When I Get Signed
8. This Ones For The Club Scene
9. Milk Carton Kids
10. Hardest G's Are Still Alive
11. Peaceful Recommendations
12. Specialists
13. Automatic Rapper Machine
14. Frontal Lobe Piercing (feat. Puma)
15. Calvin Speaks
16. Many Many Ways
17. G Floes
18. The Supermarket Experience (Freestyle)
19. Time Rhymer

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Feenom Cicle: Prescriptions (1998)

From today's radiosession, the debute release by the Feenom Circle. According to an interview on, 2000 copies of this were distributed hand-to-hand, only in cassette format. The Feenom is Rawj, Sidebee, Tope 1, Boog and DJ Panic.
Proper studio quality sound. Very nice.
1. Precriptions
2. Masters Of Ceremony
3. Time Out
4. Blue Home
1. Floatin'
2. Most Dominant
3. Universal Life Science

Here's also a video they did from a song on their later album, "Souled Seperately":

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


alright, an introduction to let y'all know what this blog is about (tryinna keep it short):

in short term, what you'll find here is "undergroud" hip hop. although "underground", especially when used in the sense of hip hop, is a word that i usually try avoiding due to it being pretty controversial. i guess the more neutral way of saying would be "underground sound", 'cos then you ain't gotta debate about who's underground and who's not...

there will be lots of "rare stuff" here, but that ain't the whole point. good music is always good music and so on...

and who's we? we're me, Moonlit Man aka Tatu, a long-time music maker and a dj and whatnot; and Kaliyuga also known as Pikku-Jukka, an even a longer-time record collector and producer.

this blog will be containing underground sound from the States and Canada, and from Finland. and yo! lots of Finnish is stuff is also in english, so foreign subscribers, don't be skipping them posts about Finnish stuff, y'errrd?
as a matter of fact, this is the first and only place in the whole web where you'll also find Finnish underground rarities. and ofcourse, as for music outside this country, we try not to post much stuff that has been posted elsewhere.

in addition, one of the main objectives of this blog is to run together and support the Ghetto Tyylit radioshow (on Bassoradio, 102,8mhz, every second Sunday 4pm-8pm), Ghetto Tyylit monthly club (at Beatroot, Helsinki, on the last Wednesday of each month) and the website/forum.

yeah... i think that's the plan in a nutshell.
may good music be heard and underground sound rise again.

ps. all contributions of this type of music are welcome!