Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Radio: Dec 23rd & Jan 6th

 Here's the two previous shows.

Dec 23rd w/ Ameeba & Iwere:

Emanon: What's In A Name
Bryle Style X Nu Vintage: The Message
Nomak ft. Abstract Rude: Hi Mom! A Prayer For World Peace [Kero One Remix]
Tarica June: Let It Go
Burgundy Fatts: Myriad Of Thoughts
Trek Life: Wouldn't Change A Thing
Kendrick Lamar ft. BJ The Chicago Kid & Punch: Faith
Western Tink: Every Day All Day
HOPE: Piano Cover
Nipsey Hussle: Tonight's The Night
Coss: Searching
Jose James: Park Bench People
Mikah Nine: Come Up Off Of My Love
Nobody & Mystic Chords Of Memory: Memory
Zola Jesus: Trust Me [Live Band Version]
Lux Natura: An Eclipse
Tiiu Helinä: Sataa
N u a g e s: Dreams
Balam Acab: Fragile Hope
Telefon Tel Aviv: Sound In A Dark Room
Ott: The Queen Of All Everything
Helios: Bless This Morning Year
Härmälän Mimosa: Selkärankaa kuuhun
Tina Malia & Shimsai: Gayatri Mantra
Linda Perhacs: Chimacum Rain
Ulla Pirttijärvi: Lullaby
Singh Kaur: I Would Make Myself A Slave
The Suns: Om Namah Om

Download here (Mega)

Jan 6th w/ Ameeba, Iwere & DJTT:

 Great show!

 A funny/WTF moment when Iwere played a song by Ellay Khule from a decade ago and didn't know that it was produced by Ameeba. Ameeba then again wasn't aware the song had ever been released.

Saul Williams: Ohm
Fat Jack & Minister 2Bad: Woe Is Me
Matre: One Destination
Rifleman: Kool Is A Fool (Prod. by Ameba)
Rocksteady & Bebop: Do You Got A Chorus?
Irie Sight: Untitled
Style Misia: Die Another Day
Dudley Perkins: Yo' Soul
Mums The Word ft. LMNO: People Keep Moving
Odessa Kane: Fading Away
Schoolboy Q ft. Kendrick Lamar: Birds & The Bees
L*Roneous: Beat Sing
Pigeon John ft. Abstract Rude: Life Goes On
Freestyle Fellowship: Different
Aceyalone: Do Unto Others
Matt Gamin: Fashion
Primeridian: Trumpets Of Zion
Eagle Nebula: Call Me Nebs
Misto Soon: Impressions
Digable Planets: 9th Wonder [Kaliyuga Pro Remix]
Tommy V: Memory Lane
Gel Roc & Joe Dub: Healing The Hurt
Antiolla: Suuri Haalea
Rob.B: Closer To My Dreams
Square: Say Def
Moonlit: Yes (Dub 4 Girlz)
Division: Moment WIth Wine
Ameba: Friends
I-An-I: Grandma's Piano
Ameeba: Unelmat Kaatuu
Samson: Tottunu Venaamaan
Dead Prez: No Way As The Way

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Radio: Dec 9th w/ Ameeba, DJTT & Betonipossu.


Previous radio show, DJ Tuleva Työtön and Betonipossu continued with our non-rap theme, while Ameeba played... whatever... just good music, maynne.

Finnish songs bolded:

Dim Den: Moon Worship
Unwaged: Liian Paljon
Paavoharju: Olet Maailman Syli
Ameba: track 9
Hat Production & DJ Tuleva Työtön: More Than A Dream
Dumb: A lot colder
Legoflower: More Clever (Instr.rmx)
Sadhe: Wake

Audio Pharmacy: Unkonscience
Myka 9: A Vision
Gracias: Gloomade
Lloyd Banks ft. Mr. Probz: No surrender
Lloyd Banks: My Flight
Juan: Time Flys
The Grouch x Eligh x CunninLynguists: 100 Years
The Grouch x Eligh x CunninLynguists: Gas Station Attendant
Run The Jewels ft. Diane Coffee: Crown
Trae Tha Truth ft. Tory Lanez: Halo
Juan: Dear Mama
Moonlit: B4U
Salaneuvosto: Sadepäivä
Kanttoripoika: Minkälainen fiilis sulla on

Alhaji K. Frimpong: Kyenkyen Bi Abi Mawu
Krax Orchestra: Mobutus Morgonmal
Ata Kak: Daa Nyinaa
Uku Kuut: Vision Of Estonia
Joose Keskitalo: Ah Mikä Varjo
Lingala-Man: Kawa Na Mabele, Ezali Bosoto!
Tiiu Helinä: Sataa

Available on Basso mobile application!
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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Radio: Oct 25th Non-rap w/ Iwere & Ameeba

Part two of our non-rap theme, and it was dope as fuck!
Iwere & Ameeba on this one.

Sorry for posting this a week late.

Divine Brothers: Perception
Ijahman Levi: I Am A Levi [old mix]
Royal Rasses: Kingston 11
SELA.: True Emotion Outlasts
Houses: All Night
Ralph White: Fever
Build An Ark: Morning Glory [Stargazing from a Rooftop Garden Remix by Carlos Nino & Jesse Peterson]
Imogen Heap: Just For Now
Nosaj Thing: Night Crawler
Beauty Number Two: A Last Time For Everything
Marika Papagika: Barba Yannis
Iglooghost ft. Jitwam: Teatunnels
Sellassie: Be This Way
Robbie M: You've Been Acting Strange Lately
Woods: The Number
Vivian Girls: Never See Me Again
Felix Castenzio: Kids World

Dim Den: Synsun
Björk: Pagan Poetry
Ryan Hemsworth: Oil Paintings
Hybu: No Wave
Toby One: Diamonds
You Say Party!We Say Die!: There Is XXXX.YSP!WSD! [Niveau Zero Remix]
Eskmo: Cloudlight
Elemay: The Ground (rrkk's under rmx)
Valveuni: Ollaan Hiljaa [Bad Loop Remix]
Objekt: Tinderbox
Lana Del Ray: Video Games [Jamie Woon Remix]
Dark0: Evisu
Olpek: Paragraphs
oOoOO: Burnout Eyes
Dark0: Mako March
The Others: Bushido [Caspa Remix]

Our podcasts are also available on the Bassoradio application for mobile devices!

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Thursday, November 27, 2014

New releases (Oct, 2014)!

Yo! Remixes by Moonlit is out and nearly sold out! 6 tracks feat. Kiltit Ihmiset, Khid, RPK, Betonipossu, Kesken, Dumb, Iwere & Thono Slono.
It's only for sale on our store, an issue of 75 copies.
If you missed the tape, a download will be available pretty soon.

This tape is sort of an introduction to the infamous Tapanila tapes. They will be out in three parts in the nearby future, y'all!

One that's been playing non-stop on my boombox for two days is the new Sadhe tape! It's available for pre-order 'till Dec 5th. Only 40 copies made so it'll run out quick. Get it! It's super nice!

More new music by available for a free download on!
There's a brand new two-song single called "Lockdown: Deaktivoituneena / Deactivated". Check it!

Another thing all Helsinki folk shouldn't sleep on, the underground party on Saturday! Dropzone X Ghetto Tyylit! That means two different stages, man. Entry 15€. Here's the timetable for our stage + the flier.

21:00 doors open
21:15 Fuck The World Productions (first ever beat-live by Iwere)
22:00 Toby One (live)
22:50 J Riskit (live)
23:35 RRKK (Dim Den / live)
00:30 Ameeba (live)
01:15 Work Of Dali (dj)
02:15 ABSNT (live
03:00 SLTF & Pyhä Toimitus (live)
04:00 Moonlit (dj)
05:00 Ghetto Tyylit stage shut-down
07:00 party over on Dropzone stage

More new music coming up to the store soon!
Keep a look-out!

Have a fun weekend, folks!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Radio: Oct 11th Non-rap w/ Dumb & Moonlit

We decided to go on a theme of no-rap-music. Maybe endlessly, maybe for just couple shows, maybe it'll be a mixed theme of rap & other music from now on. Still, good music is always good music, huh?

I was really feeling this show tho! Most of our selections were off vinyl. Finnish artists highlighted for your awareness.

Adlib: Terminal (7")
Running: Drug Senegal (7")
And Then You Die: Last Wish Of A Dying Man (A Song For Two Pianos) (7")
Zomby: Witchhunt (12")
Holy Other: With U ( 12")
The Album Leaf: TwentyTwoFourteen (LP)
Donato Wharton: Senke (LP)
Sofiabukarest: Betula
ABSNT: You Have No Dignity
Ruin: Something Sometime Somewhere

Múm: Nightly Cares (7")
The Stand4rd: Simple Needs

Badawi: A Voice From Six Corners (LP)
Nicolas Jaar: Specters Of The Future (LP)
Rinneradio: Tule! (LP)
Eddie Vedder: The Wolf
Massive Attack: Weather Storm (LP)
Stanley Clarke: Yesterday's Princess (LP)
Terranova: Tokyo Tower (12")
Hive: Practice In Stillness (LP)
Benge: Urban (LP)
Koreless: Sun (12")
Jon Hopkins: Breathe This Air (LP)
Hermanni Turkki: Sameaan Veteen (10")
Joose Keskitalo: Jos Olet Veli (7")
Agnes Obel: Close Watch (LP)

Download here (Mega)

Album & Event Of The Month!

ALBUM OF THE MONTH (sold out cassette):
EVENT OF THE MONTH (29.11. Dropzone / Ghetto Tyylit):

Friday, October 31, 2014

Store booming with new Finnish releases!

We are coming up with a series of CD-R reissues of old goldies. First run is a set of Ameeba's grand work, great music still slept-on by most.
There's a collection of instrumentals from 1999-2001, the Ego7 "Freespaced" CD, that was originally released only on cassette, a very hard-to-find piece. Also the Syvävesi (Microbe & Ameeba) II and III albums – must-haves for all fans of beautiful slow production and nature-sided deeply concentrated Finnish raps. Don't miss out on Ameeba in English – there's the "Introspective" with femcee Minnylee, "Dust Issues", and my personal favorite Ameeba album "Once Said". Invincible beats, underground styles, personal lyrics.
7€ a piece!

The memphis-underground -influenced Finnish producer Khettokasme came out with a second beat-tape, follow-up on his break-through cassette-only album "ADG". This one's titled "They Live" and it's available for preorder 'till the release date Oct 6th. It's the sixth release of the local cassette-label TKKNT tapes, limited to 170 copies. 10€!

Make you don't miss out on the latest releases of the Ghetto Styles young'uns:
DJ Tuleva Työtön released his newest and possibly finest tape "Pilvet" (feat. Moonlit, SQR, Iwere, Betonipossu, Dumb, Pörröne) on the same date that Betonipossu came out with the vinyl-LP version of his "Hyviä Keloja" album, which is a straight-up underground classic! All raps in Finnish.
"Pilvet" (CAS) 8€! "Hyviä Keloja" (LP) 14€!

Latest from another local cassette-label Crummy Kids:
Beautiful album by canadian Hazy Montagne Mystique "Lullaby drone for insomniac people", a title that pretty much describes it. 7€
Currently out of stock with the Neptuges "Majakka", a very limited special collector's box-set cassette. Awaiting restock. 14€

We also got a special shipment from the Finnish DJ & record collector JMP, that included both of his mixtapes that are truly that Ghetto Styles underground sound! Dope and unique selections picked from old hard-to-find North American rarities. Plus he decided to donate all income to our association. These mixtapes are pure gold! Check the tracklists from the store site!
"Tha Good Old Dayz vol.1" (CD) 5€
"Tha Good Old Dayz vol.2" (CAS) 5€

Crazy used records been coming in weekly from a few nameless collectors. They've been selling out quick! Keep up with the updates on the store site and our Facebook page.
More new music from local cats in shortly!

Have a great weekend, folks! Payce!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Radio: Oct 28th w/ Ameeba & DJTT

Previous show, 80minutes of Ameeba's selections, 40min of DJ Tuleva Työtön's!

Moonlit: Idols
Juan: Nothing Last Forever (digi)
Trae Tha Truth ft. Messy marv: Its All I Know
Pepperboy ft. Suicideyear: Lost Love
Jussi Kuoma: Huomenta
Noah23 ft. Shady Blaze: Do It Up
Pepperboy: Chosen One
Nosaj Thing x Chance The Rapper: Paranoia
Tommishock: Koukuissaan
Trae The Truth: Street King
Oh Blimey: OT
Rauhatäti: Labyrintti
NDGO: Vases
Sipulijaska ft. Mindman: Vieras Todellisuus
Inner: Gwop
Black Dave ft. Bonega Bamz: Wadadaang
Oh Blimey: Eviction
Cassie: Numb [Eric Dingus remix]
Eric Dingus: Codeine Kiss
Whispa: Twenty-two
Whispa: Tokyo
Lil Spook: W_O_U [Eric Dingus Remix]
Spooky Black: Reason

Iwere: Sadness Come Go Out Of My Life Part I
Serkkupojat: Ikävä
Microbe ft. Mini: Askeleita
Dumb: A Parachute For Two
Ameba: (Movin') On And On
Don Anthono: Grand Kanaria
Moonlit: The Lone Kid
Murmurecordings: Already Love
Neveready: Se Koskettaa Meitä Kaikkia

Download here (Mega)

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Radio: Oct 14th w/ Dumb, Iwere & Ameeba

After three episodes of Underground Classics, it was time to get back to a basic theme-free show. Dumb, Iwere & Ameeba with the selections and the rest of us hanging in the studio.

Khid & RPK: Horus
Spooky Black: Pull
Misogi: Virulent
Misogi: Coldark
Lucki Eck$: Hidden Place
Lucki Eck$: 4th Commandment Broken
Rome Fortune: Why
Rome Fortune ft. OG Maco: Suite Case
Yung Lean ft. Travi$ Scott: Ghosttown
Yung Lean: Volt
Koala: Big Ben (bootleg)

Osiris Booque & Woodgrain Sentinel: Sweet Vanilla - Poison Ivy
Lo7: Gains
Inner X SQR: Lost Track
ShowYouSuck: Apple Of Your Eye
def.sound: Young Defferson prt. 2
Moka Only: Love Comes
3582: Yesterday [Fat Jon Remix]
Gel Roc: Inside Out
Joaquin Daniels: City Limits
Co$$ ft. Sene & Aloe Blacc: Only When I Dream
Abstract Tribe Unique: Through These Streets

Trae Tha Truth ft. Big Krit & Mama C: I Believe
Sipulijaska: Jotain Aivan Muuta
Paperi T & Khid: Mami Wata Vudu
C-Star: Suns Gold
Sipulijaska: Ilmiöitä
Jonny Wanha: Ancient Dial (Instrumental)
Nagasakin Lapset: Konkari
Olpekkalev: Oranssi
Foool: Something
Trae Tha Truth ft. Lynzie Kent: Not My Time

Download here (Mega)

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Radio: Underground Classics vol. 3 (Sep 30th, 2014)

Here we go! Underground hits and b-sides, music that raised us, brought us together and influenced us in our own music. Records that we madly searched and paid for. That good old dusty rap music.

Volume 1:
Volume 2:

Selected by Dumb, Moonlit & Ameeba:

The Grouch ft. Eligh, Asop: Conception (12")
Dereliks: A Phrase That Pays
LMNO: Courage (12")
Neila: Operating Instructions (10")
Misfitz Ov Stylez: Where The Fuck U At
Scienz Of Life: Doin' Our Thing (12")
Old Joseph: Ball Point Blank Range (LP)
GPAC ft. Abstract Rude: Global Phlowtations
Ellay Khule: Sounds Of The Human Race (LP)
The CUF: The Real Sacramento Kings (12")
Hi-Tech: Continuously
Aesop Rock: Daylight (12")
Alias: Watching Water (LP)
Gang Starr: Mass Appeal
2Mex: Love Fights Back (12")
Murs: For The Record (LP)
Alien Nation: Electric Lady [Kaliyuga Pro Remix]
Scarub: Savvy Traveler (12")
Anacron: Good Friday (12")
The Nonce: Sight Of Things
The Primeridian: Musical Mirages (CD)
Ahmad: Back In The Day (CD)
Shamen 12: Keep It Live
Persevere: Small Time In This (12")
Infectious Organisms: 1984
Tommy V.: Sofa Surfin (CD)
Neila: Unintentional Violence (LP)

Download here (Mega)