Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Radio: Underground Classics Vol. 2 (Sep 16th, 2014)

Click here for volume 1!

Music that's forever dope, but that the radios never played!
The sound that provides the basic for formula of Ghetto Tyylit. Artists, clicks, records that inspired us in our own music and brought us together as a crew. Whatever. Dreams of the nineties.

Selected by Dumb, Moonlit & Iwere.

Awol One & Daddy Kev: Rhythm (12"
Elusive: Untitled (cassette)
Freestyle Fellowship: 7th Seal (LP)
Jel vs. 2Mex: Diypartisan (10")
Hobo Junction: Dirt Hustlin' (cassette)
Twisted Mind Kids: Rare Form (LP)
Volume 10: Sunbeams (LP)
Young Joseph: Puttin Rap In It's Place (cassette)
Kennuf Akbar: Greazy Ghosts
Daddy Kev feat. Mikah 9: First Things Last (12")
Sumach: Cobras (cassette)
Bassment: Attica
Aceyalone: Grandfather Clock (LP)
Jizzm feat. Otherwize: Warriors [Remix] (cassette)
Ridd, Fish, Chu, Vonnie, Wreccless & Rifleman: Plan B
Subtitle: Leave Home (LP)
Tommy V.: Soarin' (cassette)
Saukrates ft. Marvel: Hate Runs Deep
Atmosphere: Don't Ever Fucking Question That (LP)
Neila, EVS, Tommy V: See It In You [Unreleased]
Paradigm: Freedom Fighters (12")
Equipto: Living Out My Dreams (LP)
Esoin: As The World Rotates (cassette)
Rob-O: If I Die (12")
Sinsemilla: Destiny (12")
Radioinactive: Shopping List (cassette)

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Radio: Underground Classics Vol. 1 (Sep 2nd, 2014)

We felt that it was time to go back to the roots which Ghetto Tyylit is based upon. The underground sound that we all fell in love with in the 90's, the records for which we turned the world around to find and that greatly inspired us in our own music, and that created joined musical efforts, friendships and links to the rest of the world among fellow music collectors and makers.

Obviously it is impossible to summarize it all in two hours, especially when that time is shared with four guys. The first two years of our radio show we played mostly old stuff, since it was hardly ever played on any radio show on Earth (that I know of). It is definitely important to keep up with new music, but going back 15 or 20 years, it feels like you're telling a story, teaching history.

"Underground" in 2014 is so much different than it was 10-20 years ago. I'm not speaking sound-wise but collector/dj-wise. Internet. It's all there now, accessible by anyone. Before you could hear some artists only if you had their record or if your friend had that record dubbed for you. You don't need to seek for records in order to hear someone's music anymore. I'm not saying that's bad, but it takes off the feeling of exclusiveness a lot. Music just spreads so quickly now – a song/artist that was a rare discovery yesterday, could have 50,000 hits by tomorrow. Vice versa, a cassette of 100 copies of course has a limited spread and stays rare forever.

This show was mad fun though. Of every song we played, there was so much say, such great memories to share, so much emotion to vent. Amusingly and quite predictably, we all brought in a lot of the same records. But it was interesting to hear what song of an album each of picked and why.

Me, Iwere, Ameeba & Dumb played one song in turn, going back-to-back for the two hours. Underground Classics Vol. 2 on the next show.

The Nonce: Mixtapes [Album vs Demo Version] (LP)
Abstract Tribe Unique: I'm From A Wicked
DJ D feat. Abstract Rude & Aceyalone: Worker's Union (LP)
Tony Da Skitzo: Storm Brewing (High Plains Drifters Cut) (12")
Xololanxinxo: Little Lips (CD-R)
Zagu Brown: Be Thankkful
Orko: When Worlds Collide (CD-R)
Tray Loc: Party N My Trunk
Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf: Methods (LP)
Bored Stiff: Hey Jo
The Grouch: Enchanted
Emanon: Outside Looking In (CD-R)
Mystik Journeymen feat. Aceyalone: Reflections (CD)
PSC, Asop, Arata, Grouch, Eligh: Local Talent
Isosceles feat. Moka Only: All I Got (CD)
The Roots: What They Do
Killarmy: Red Dawn (LP)
Rhyme Fest ft. Juice: How We Chill Pt. II
Homeliss Derilex: Operations
Union Of Opposites: Continuations (LP)
Odessa Kane: Les Miserables
L*Roneous: Place Called This (LP)

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Radio (Aug 19th): Ameeba, DJTT & Betonipossu

Fuck, I totally forgot to upload this last show. Sorry folks!

Mostly Finnish music, played by Ameeba, and our yungstas DJ Tuleva Työtön & Betonipossu.

NDGO: Look Out Lion
Michael Black Electro: Initiations
Price: Twenty
Price: Don't Stop
Tommishock: Psykoosiin
Trae The Truth: Shit Crazy
Trae The Truth: Sick Of This Shit
Tommishock: Planetaario
Kalevi X Tamonen: Supernova
Vaaleet Housut: Kruunusta Ei Mitään
Pelikaani: Aina Ei Voi Sataa
Inner X SQR: Kadut
SLTF & Pyhä Toimitus: Pääkallokiitäjä
Suoralinja ft. Samson: Tosi Paha Uni
Nunton ft. Maleven, Likanen Hirmu, Kolmisto & Tuuttimörkö: Yksi Kahdeksan Seitsemän
Microbe ft. Ameeba: Monesti Koitan
Samson: Itket Turhaan ()
Khid X RPK: Kallo (LP)
Eurocrack: Annanlilja (LP)
Mattip ft. Indievidual & Pijall: Purposearchingone (10")
Srkkpjt: Kolahtaa (12")
Betonipossu: Antaa Lintujen Lentää (7")
Mahdi Khaleel Talib: Sumutus
Ameba (Sage One) ft. Nadasdi, Oliwi & Mini: A Day In June 2004 (cassette)
Puisto-osasto ft. Karri: Luckless Lad
Kemmuru: Iltas Pilas (CD)
Kiltit Ihmiset ft. Oliwi: Ei Stressii (cassette)
Juhani: Mites Yö

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Radio w/ Effekt (Aug 5th, 2014)

isolla kirkolla / crew striking the helsinki tourist pose
Our guest was my old school homie Sasu Schildt, back in the day known as (MC) Effekt. We hung out a lot and made music together during high school. Sasu made a few solo releases and worked together with the late Freaky Beats crew. He has now been living in the Netherlands for five years, composing jazz, studying music and working on his instrumental projects. This is a trip back to his rap music which was quite dope, extraordinary and emotional.

Olpekkalev: Valo (digi) 2014
The Megaphone State: Arrival (CD) 2014
L*roneous: Clear Vision
Matre: ...
L*roneous: Melody
Jodarok ft. Thono slowknow: Ylös,Ylös 2006
Haamu: Luotikuja
NDGO: Unholy (digi)
Ailu Valle ft. Roope Mäenpää: Ozan
Kube ft. Julma Henri: Huolissani
Khid / RPK: Ele (Monsp)
TWWTH & Gracias: High Mountain (digi)

Interview w/ Effekt:
Effekt: Viisas?
Hiljaiset tarinat: Sunnuntai
Lobotomia ft. Effekt: Under My Blanket
Effekt: Moraali seuranani
The Shit Ensemble: Kill The Animals

Hazy Montage Mystique: Vision Solaire (Crummy Kids digi)
Spooky Black: Reason
The Weeknd: King Of The Fall
Ricky Eat Acid: Pull
Cold Hart feat. Wicca Phase Springs Eternal: Black Roses
Rugz D. Bewler: Slave To Her Jays
Dowrong: Worry Bout Me

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Radio: "Death Of Record Shops" w/ Mathias Foster (July 22)

Conversations with Mathias Foster who has worked 11 years altogether in two record shops and witnessed both of them collapse. Mathias is also a fantastic DJ (Paska Sohva, Bassoradio) and a super friendly dude. In addition, he is part of the awesome photographer-crew, EBBP (

First 1/2-hour, a mellow rap-vinyl set by Moonlit.
Last 1/2-hour, Finnish underground-cassette rarities by Betonipossu.

Kankick: Pensive (LP)
People Without Shoes: Green Shoe Laces (Moonlit edit) (12")
Kurious: I'm Kurious (12")
Hieroglyphics: The Who (12")
The Roots: Silent Treatment (Kelo's Mix) (12")
Union Of Opposites: Continuations (LP)
Tribeca Sound: Pride (12")
Aboriginals: The Joint (12")
Raw Produce: Weight Of The World (Remix) (12")
Tha Alkaholiks: Mary Jane (Remix) (12")

Ceebrolistics: Nämä Aallot
Flying Lotus ft. Underachievers: Adventure Sound
Shabazz Palaces: Free Press And Curl
DevL.A: Drowninsound (Self Released) 2014
SolomonDaGod: The Ignorance
Koala: Untitled (Grey Haze + Trim Vocal) (Dubplate) 2014

Ceebrolistics: Hyvia Juttuja
Pietari: Taikuri (Omakustanne)
Juhani: Sandaalit (cassette)
Dj Werd ft. Kiltit Ihmiset & Karri Koira: Ystävyys (cassette)
SLS ft. BMXT: Sytyttävää Musaa (cassette)
Skeletoni: Luusota (cassette)
SinisetPunasetMiehet: Kommandore Kuusnelonen (cassette)

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Radio: Moonlit & Dumb (July 8th)

New music!
Sets by Moonlit & Dumb, accompanied by DJTT & Iwere.
World Cup game GER - BRA started during Dumb's set, so we had a little talks about that too while watching it in the studio.

Me & Dumb both played too songs by Fifty Grand, so if you became interested in that awesome L.A. chick, go to: fiftygrand.bandcamp.comand

Bones ft. Fifty Grand: Gravel
Fifty Grand: Scary All Over
Koreless: 4D
Keiya: Can't See U
JMSN: Walk Away [Blue Sky Black Death Remix]
Eric Dingus: Nice Knowing You
Mount Kimbie: Break Well
Jacques Greene: No Excuse [Yung Gud Remix]
D.A. The Future: What Would Biggie Do (Freestyle)
Trippy Black Hippie: Black Boy Alien
Marvin Divine: Faded Flow
Flying Lotus ft. Shabazz Palaces: Hide Me
Dopehead: Like We Do It In The D
Keiya: Due Time

The Bomarr Monk: Large Happy Fat
Slow Year: Deep Water
Tinyforest: Smoke Signals (digi)
Alexalfons: N.I.A. (Demo)
POPS: My Story
Lucki Eck$: New Life
Lee (Left Leberra): Vega Veza
Shady Blaze X BLVCKHXVRT: Only Friend
Fifty Grand X KLNV: Unconditional
Fifty Grand: Severed Arm
Death Grips: Up My Sleeves
Key Nyata: Sw3rve
Flip Phone: Same Color Lean
Jayyeah: 1986 Honda Motorbike
Prada Mane ft. Yung Lean: Watchu Wanna
Khalil Nova ft. Zone 6 Sinister: Let It Go
Prada Mane: Durag
Prada Mane: Roof Gone
Express Rising: Time And Time Again

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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Guest, young rapper Toge!
Dj's, Moonlit (2-12) & Ameeba (rest).
Abstract Rude: Time I Lived In (digi)
Factor & Myka 9: War With Yourself (digi)
Kan Kick: The Tribes Chant (LP)
Kwest The Madd Ladd: What's The Reaction (12")
Raw Produce: Cycles (12")
Saukrates: Play Dis (Remix) (12")
Sonic Sum: Downtown Maze (12")
Parallax: Bleedin Hate (12")
C.H.A.O.S.: Death Stalks (Da Return Ev Death "Iwakening" (12")
Madvillain: Great Day [Four Tet Remix] (LP)
Eddie K: So Much Drama In The Industry (7")
Toge: Kaupunki Nukkuu (digi)
Toge Rosonen: Joka Päivä (digi)
Toge Rosonen: Aika Kuluu (digi)
Toge Rosonen ja DJ Tuleva Työtön: Maa Ja Taivas (digi)
Kenji451: You Don't Look Towards The Sky Enough (digi)
The Underachievers: Leaving Scraps (digi)
OG Ikonen: Hämärää (digi)
Olpekkalev: Jano (digi)
Kesken: Paljon Se Maksaa (digi)
Khid & RPK: Näyte (digi)
Ameeba X Desto: Kapuloita Rattaisiin (digi)
Sipulijaska: Ehkä Pelästyit (digi)
Collard: 4/2 (digi)
NDGO: 33rd (digi)
Pyhä Toimitus: Pääkallokiitäjä
Gracias: Jubilee
Sipulijaska: Josseivät Kommunikoi
Kenji451: It Was A Pleasure Serving You (digi)
Sofiabukarest: Sienna (digi)
Nosaj Thing: Safe

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Friday, June 13, 2014

Incredible freestyles by Taiunta & KVP (Radio: June 10th, 2014)

KVP (Kosovon Vanha Paska) & Taiunta freestyle-rapped back-to-back as Taiunta composed the beat live with a looper device. They truly rocked it with great flow and wise lyrics. We also had interesting discussions during the interviews.

They perform on the streets often but spontaneously. Taiunta is also a professional street musician making a living out of it, which I greatly respect.

VAllEY: VAllEY (I Had An Accident cassette) 2014
Jitwam: I Was Wrong (The Jazz Diaries 12") 2013
Gonjasufi: Venom (Warp 10") 2012
Low Leaf: Life Is Peace (Fresh Selects cassette) 2014
Sachillpages: In The Knolls (digi)
Eagle Nebula ft. Caits Meissner: Most Beautiful (digi) 2014

No playlist of Ameeba's set in the end of the show.. :(

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Friday, June 6, 2014

Another "End of Earth" (aka Maailmanlopun Odottajat) event coming up June 11th!

The eccentric, dark & awesome event at a underground tunnel a few weeks ago gets a follow-up!

Maailmanlopun odottajat II, upcoming Wednesday (11th of June). The location will be revealed on Monday on the Facebook event and here:

The all-Finnish lineup is this:

You probably haven't heard of these names often, so here:

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Radio: May 27th w/ Saame-rapper Ailu Valle from Northern Lapland

First hour Dumb & Moonlit played new music back-to-back.

For the second hour, hosted by Ameeba & Iwere, we had a guest, Ailu Valle (Inari, Lapland), a rapper who is a native speaker of Saame - a rare northern language. He told of the language, life and music up North and performed songs live. His solo material is in Saame and with his group Pummiharmonia he performs in Finnish. Check out their amazing music video for "Maailma Nukkuu".

1st hour playlist:
Eric Dingus: Zira
Moonlit: Hurt You
Toby One: Fade Wave (demo)
DJ Kridlokk: Mit Vit Ei Täs (Alexalfons Remix) (Unreleasead) 2014
Black Kray: No Luv
Left Leberra: Puro Flow Factory
Yung Lean: Kyoto
Erick Arc Elliot: Father Of Influence
Xavier Wulf & Black Smurf: Just Know
House Of LaDosha: Witches Of Bushwick
Brenmar ft. Sasha Go Hard: Super Fly (Suicideyear Remix)
Lil Shark X Cold Hart: Awesome
Black Smurf: Luciano
Antwon ft. Lil Ugly Mane: Rain Song
Little Pain ft. Squadda B: Dark Clouds
Dopehead: Guttah Guttah Song
Responsiblewayne: Ode To Spoon River
Kube ft. Julma Henri: Huolissani

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