Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Radio: Apr 15th w/ Kasi & Brother Boney (of UDF) [live performances!]

I'm still hyped up and amazed by how great this show was.
We had the honor to have guests Kasi & Boney Bro (of Urban Disciples Finland aka UDF) to visit, tell the story of their crew (which is one of the greatest rap crews in Finland of all time) and to perform songs live.

UDF was in fact a great crew with 9 members at best, including three female emcees. It existed for somewhat a decade (circa 1997-2007). They did more shows than probably any other crew at that time, released a great amount of albums that most people still don't know about, ran an epic radio show for many years (Boombox on Radio Dei) and even had their own online record shop ( If there was a title for hand-to-hand cassette-slanging, these guys would be the champs, no doubt!

Check the show (it feels like one of the best we ever did), find out what happened to UDF, listen to Kasi&Boney perform songs all the way from 1997. In this show Kasi also did one of the best freestyle verses I've ever heard.

All love!

Dumb's set of new music:
Sofiabukarest: Silver (digi)
Keyboard Kid: Demibased (digi)
Luckaleann: Roll Up (digi)
Xavier Wulf: The Report (digi)
100s: Thru My Veins (digi)
DJ Kridlokk ft. Eevil Stöö: Stöö & Lokk
Yung Simmie & Amber London: Splak Part 2 (digi)
Bones & Na$ty Matt: VHS (digi)
Little Pain: Weepers (digi)

- - KASI & BONEY BRO - -

Tape selections by Betonipossu:
UDF: Theurbandisciples (cassette)
Brother Boney & Otniel The Goblin: Nykyaika (Ei Mahdu Mun Tajuntaan) (cassette)
Paulos Tylsä & Kasi: YHWH (CD)
Kasi: Kuulen Hänen Laulavan (cassette)
Ruudolf, Otniel & Kasi: Ei Keksitty Nimee
Master Bone: Winter Poem (CD-R)

Download here (Mega)!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Radio: April 1st, 2014 - New music & 90's rap tapes

Last night's show with Ameeba & .Moonlit on decks, plus Iwere & DJTT on the mic.

Ameeba played new sounds, I played cassette-only nineties hiphop.
It was mad fun! Check it out!

Adlib: Gangsta Music (CD)
RPK: Lähde (J. Karjalainen : Kurkien Äänet) (digi)
Dizzy Wright: The Wright Road (digi)
NDGO ft. ChinaMan: Witness (digi)
NDGO: Evolve (digi)
DJ Kridlokk: Paskat Siit 14 (LP)
The Underachivers: Flexin (digi)
cHaD: Reign Of Terror (digi)
The Underachievers: Root Of All Evil (digi)
Indigo Kids: Magnets (digi)
Dizzy Wright: Whatever It Takes (digi)
Denzel Curry: Widescreen (digi)
Moonlit: Soulshades (digi)
Kasi: Kirje [Demo] (digi)
Atom 12: Devilz Advocate
Log Cabin: Time And Space

Murmurecordings & Kemmuru: Hurulluru [live at Siperia 17.9.2003] (cassette)
Lateef The Truth Speaker: Wreckoning (cassette)
Mixed Practice: Endlessly (cassette)
KMD: What A Niggy Know? (cassette)
Total Devastation: Many Clouds Of Smoke (cassette)
Ras Kass: Won't Catch Me Runnin (cassette)
Artifacts: Wrong Side Of The Tracks (cassette)
SFC: The Vibe (cassette)
Anotha Level: Don't Stimulate (cassette)
AZ: Gimme Yours (cassette)
Boogiemonsters: Whistles In The Wind (cassette)
Penguins: Don't Stress (cassette)
Moka Only: Your Way (cassette)
Killah Priest: From Then Til Now (cassette)

 Download here (Mega)!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

We are newly located in Vallila!

We have moved from the Pengerkatu 15 street-level glass box to the beautiful & rugged Vallila industrial district, 1,7 km Northwest.

Our new address is Pälkäneentie 13 B (room 339). It is on the top floor of an old factory building, which is turned into an artist commune. It's the same entrance to the Vallila skate-hall, right next to Ääniwalli club.

Of course the place is much different to our previous spot but I think a more raw, industrial & peaceful spot suits us better. There is also tons of new opportunities that I'm super excited about! We'll get back to those later.

Welcome to visit us!

1st day after moving in. #bosschair #boombox

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Radio: Mar 18th

Broadcast from the Basso pop-up studio at Elisa shop, Lasipalatsi.

On deck: Dumb, Iwere, Ameeba & Betonipossu.

Lil Spook: Without U (digi)
Lucki Eck$: Cocaine Woman (digi)
Bishop Light: Eternal Pain (digi)
Luckaleannn: Ride (digi)
Haleek Maul: Forever (digi)
The Natives: Alamut (digi)
NDGO: Prophet
Iglooghost ft. Milo: Frenchopen (cassette)
Mndsgn: Deerghalabati [Zeroh Remix] (digi)
Koreatown Oddity, The: Two Don'ts (cassette)
ThirdEyeAwaknd: Highs & Lows (digi)
The Saukrates: Another Plot Of Uni (cassette)
Blue Sky Black Death & Jean Grae: Even On Your Best Day
Kraken: Money On My Mind
The Underachievers: Melody Of The Free (digi)
Aceyalone & Madlib: K.O. Player (digi)
Antiolla: Kurotat (digi)
Toby One: Violence Riddim V2 (digi)
Khid & RPK: Luoti (digi)
No Good Men: People Come People Go (digi)
Ameeba: Kaupunki Auki Kaupunki Kii (digi)
Dreadlock Tales + Tree Of Dub: Prana Dub [Original Mix] (digi)
Yaja Nur: Hengittää (digi)
Nosaj Thing: Safe (digi)
Chydeone: Elämän Tapailuu (LP)
Juhani: Älkää Bommatko Aikatauluihin (LP)
Didier's Sound Spectrum: Cupol (LP)
Tuomo, TK & Pette ft. Mikko: 4Kaunista (LP)
Payperwork & Mekas: Back From Now (7")
Mexicano Rudy: Kasetti Rules (cassette)
Vihreys: Marjaana [Pt. 2] (cassette)
Kiltit Ihmiset: Pumppaa (cassette)
Nuanz & Dynamic Function: Keväät Repussa (cassette)

Download here (Mega)!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Radio: March 5th w/ ABSNT & Ruin

We were proud to have awesome music-makers/nerds ABSNT & Ruin, both of Vain-collective, as guest-DJ's last night!

They played fantastic sets on our second hour. ABSNT's set was all vinyl, excluding the last track that was his own. And Ruin's set was all Finnish, excluding one track which he had to play from vinyl 'cos his USB-stick was trippin'.

Me & Dumb played something sad.

Bishop Light & Eric Dingus: Memories (digi)
Ghostpalmss: Beautiful Death (digi)
Lil Sad: Saw U Leave (digi)
Alexalfons: Close [Inner Remix] (digi)
Blue Sky Black Death: Pyramids (Frank Ocean Bootleg) (digi)
Jeremih: Fuck U All The Time (digi)

Jay-Z: Song Cry [Fifty Grand Remix] (digi)
Left Leberra: Godfather Of Soul (digi)
Mykki Blanco: Join My Militia (digi)
Koala: Last Breath In
Little Pain: S.I.M.P. (digi)
Issue ft. Haleek Maul: How I'm Feelin' [prod. by Inner] (digi)
Yung Lean ft. Denzel Curry: Bitch Named Bitch (digi)
Yung God: OBE (digi)

Sand Circles: Continuity (LP)
Ron Morelli: Public Consumption (12")
Monica Hits The Ground: Reduced Life Expectancy 3 (12")
James Ruskin: What Falls To The Ground (12")
Age Coin: Knees Knock Together (LP)
Violetshaped: cX310 [(JK Flesh Reshape)] (12")
Croatian Amor: Mermaids Of Jardansko (12")
ABSNT: (untitled)

Ruin: We Fell In Love In The Wreckage
Noir Hour: Ascent Of The Blessed
(unknown): (untitled)
Croatian Amor: Julian (LP)
Valko: Lahjapaperi
Clouds: Lot Of Calls From No-one
Ruin: Something Sometime Somewhere

DL link coming!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Abandoning Pengerkatu!

Unfortunately we need to leave our diggs in Pengerkatu this month, where we've been operating since last September.

We are looking for work + studio space! 
If you have any knowledge of such available in Helsinki, please help us!

Tonight on Ghetto Styles Radio Show we have guest DJ's Ruin & ABSNT. Tune in!

Here's a couple shots from last Saturday's open doors with Mean Seed DJ's, which was a mad fun event!
Below them are shots by Robert Keskinen from the previous Saturday with Betonipossu.

March 1st © Moonlit

March 1st © Moonlit
Feb 22nd © R. Keskinen
Feb 22nd © R. Keskinen
Feb 22nd © R. Keskinen
Feb 22nd © R. Keskinen

Feb 22nd © R. Keskinen
Feb 22nd © R. Keskinen

Feb 22nd © R. Keskinen

Monday, February 24, 2014

Latest additions

Betonipossu did a show here on Saturday which was super nice. Thanks to all who visited! Pics below.

We are open again next Saturday, and we're having the Mean Seed dj's playing records here! WELCOME!

Just added to the store:
Betonipossu "Hyviä Keloja" CAS
Flyer & Unwaged "Frigid Zone" CAS
Huge pile of awesome used vinyl! incl. Dereliks, LMNO, Jeru The Damaja, SpaceGhostPurpp, Animal Pharm...


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Open Doors w/ Betonipossu cassette-release show!

For the first time in two months, we are having the doors open and all records on display again on the upcoming Saturday!

The yung prospect, homie Betonipossu releases his awaited cassette "Hyviä Keloja"!
The 10-song tape features production by fellow Ghetto Styles -affiliates Alexalfons, Inner, Social Outsiders (FTW), Moonlit...
150 copies, published by Hiss Tapes, available through our web-store next Monday!

Open 13:00 - 18:00, Betonipossu at 16:00!
Pengerkatu 15, 00530 Helsinki!

Finnish Old School Hiphop w/ DJ Hiihtopipo (Radio: Feb 18th) + previous show (Seattle special)

A quarter-decade of Finnish underground hiphop (1st hour: 1991-1999, 2nd hour 2001-2014)!

We invited Tipa "DJ Hiihtopipo" Tuominen to play gems from his collection. Tipa is a great music collector and an old school DJ, still playing and collecting actively. He bought his first Finnish hiphop vinyl in 1991 after having listened to American hiphop for a few years.
Tipa has been running a soul/funk radio show with his boy Kavallus on Basso for many years, but he also has a great amount of knowledge on hiphop.

Tipa has visited our show once before, on Femcees Special Vol 2 in 2011.

He could only play one hour this time, so me and Ameeba did two half-hour sets for the 2nd hour with mostly Finnish music.

Truly an awesome show with great amount of highly exclusive and rare tracks!

DJ Hiihtopipo (all Finnish rap, 1991-1999):
Dam The Band: Radical Word (LP)
B.A.M.: Make Ya Think (7")
Brownsand Brothers ft. Dream, BOW & Celes: Hello To Ya Mother (cassette)
Ruff N' Rugged: Daddy's Coming Again (cassette)
Frontpage: The Lab (cassette)
Nuera: Outro (L.U.S.T.) (cassette)
Yksinäinen Ratsastaja: Juttuja Selitän (cassette)
MPL Zaba ft. Sähkö: Sessio (cassette)
SinisetPunasetMiehet: Ryhmäterapiaa [Live] (cassette)
Kontrasti: Kontrasti (cassette)
Snack (Channim): Pass Me The Mic (cassette)
Wretch: Spect Minez Anthem (cassette)
Famm Regal: Full Regalia aka Goodfellaz (cassette)
Misbehavior ft. A.N.A.: What's The Higher Level

Moonlit (all Finnish, 2001-2011):

Tonedial: Cold People (UDF cassette)
Brother Boney & Otniel The Goblin: Katse Taivaalle (UDF cassette) 2003
Klommo & MP: Peilitalo
David Tolstoi & Jaywho: (Unknown)
Moonlit: For My Crew
Sami Kukka: Kun Tulla Saan [Live, Belly 2010] (Helmi Levyt cassette)
Dumb: Life In (& Out) [Live, Siperia 2004]

Ameeba (mostly Finnish, mid-2000's - modern day):
Po'Land: Street Lights, Nervousness & Patience
The Underachievers: N.A.S.A. (digi)
Indievidual (Mindman) & Infekto: Saviour ()
Minky: Apart (digi)
Late: Sickleclipse
Ameba: Jumina
Dim Den: Humanimal (digi)
kAbLeHeAd: vAlLiS


Previous show on 4th of February, a Seattle special!

Iwere / Dumb / Ameeba:
Silent Lambs Project: Comrade (12")
Spekulation: All About That Action [(Beast Mode Remix)]
Union Of Opposites ft. ShoNuph: Continuations (LP)
Ghetto Chilldren: Hip Hop Was? (CD)
Narcotik: Urlin In The Morning
Boney B, Work, B-Self, Vitamin D: MC Fill In The Blanks
Source Of Labor ft. Kylea: Come With Me [Remix]
Samson S. & Vitamin D: Who Knows? (LP)
Beyond Reality: The 1-2 (CD)
TruID & Graves33: A World We See
Henry Quester, Kuchenmann, Physical Graffiti: Jersey Gardens (CD)
Kid SMPL: Snowscape (digi)
Slow Year: Guts
Alexalfons: (Untitled) (dubplate)
Mogwai: Sine Wave (LP)
Sole: Salt On Everything (LP)
Lil Ugly Mane ft. Denzel Curry: Twistin' (LP)
Nacho Picasso: Life Of Pi (digi)
Aesop Rock: Float (LP)
Bleubird: Crybaby Crunk (LP)
Tyler The Creator: Yonkers (LP)
Paperi T & Khid: Bushwa (LP)
Antti Szurawitzki: 3 Minute City
Kasi: Kirje [Demo] (dubplate)
Tinashe: Secret Weapon (digi)
Cosmo's Midnight ft. Nicole Millar: Phantasm (digi)
D33J: She's Deep (digi)
Ameba: Tender Slayer [Forthcoming]
Deep Green: Finn Forest
Forest Swords: Thor's Stone
Niia: Btstu
Mustapha Mond: Limerence

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Finnish underground tapes! (Radio: Jan 21st w/ Betonipossu & DJTulevaTyötön)

Our guests for the entire two hours were young cats - rapper Betonipossu and producer DJ Tuleva Työtön - both are also fanatic cassette collectors.

So the topic was mainly the Finnish rap-cassette culture.

Betonipossu also hosts an online radio show "Betoninen Helsinki" specialized in Finnish underground rap musis. It's on SayFm every other Monday 20-22. Podcasts available too.

As I mentioned on the show, Pijall of Ceebrolistics has returned to music-making after turning to Islam in 2011. He reads his poems over the ambient production of Valo Lankinen aka Pinewoods.
Listen here:

All selections by Betonipossu & DjTulevaTyötön:
Intro (Moonlit)
Ceebrolistics - Spring
Serkkupojat - Ikävä
Betonipossu - Lempikasetit
Kasi - Kylmyys f/ Pion & Humanlike
Vihreys - Mä Muistan
Kiltit Ihmiset - Untitled f/ Rudy & Pijall
Ameeba - Kun Unelmat Kaatuu
Juhani - Markkinointi
Iwere - Midsummer's Drowned (DJ Tuleva Työtön)
Iwere - I Made This Song
Ruudolf - Merryhaka Soul
Microbe - Auringon Laskiessa
Ceebrolistics - I Struggle
Pyhimys - Intialainen Enneuni
Vähäiset Äänet - Vähäiset Äänet
Musta Perjantai - Läpi Yön
Nuanz & Dynamic Function - Keväät Repussa